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Jon Avatar

CR0 Croydon Internet down

3 months ago
Anon Avatar

Ha3 London Wow 10 hours planned maintenance on a weekday

4 months ago
Zack Avatar

M50 2BB Internet has been down most of the morning. Devices show it's on but that the internet is not connected

5 months ago
Soph Avatar

Internet has been down almost a week now... absolutely no word back from support about why

5 months ago
Fleur Avatar

M50 Salford, Manchester. Extremely temperamental in our building. Not the service we pay for. Constantly going down, poor signal and having to use my data.

5 months ago
Amy Avatar

Glide has restricted certain shows and movies on netflix within the past week. Have spoken to netflix team and uni IT support and have been told it's due to Glide wifi. Super annoying. Edinburgh

5 months ago
Mimte Avatar

Exeter - At this time everyone is busy with their assignments ! It's such a shame that with this amount of users around the UK and still weak infrastructure.

5 months ago
Vlad Avatar

Neasden London still down on glide. Since 6 pm it’s like this. Still down. Hopefully will come back by the morning.

5 months ago
Kus Avatar

Internet is back on !. I hope it stays Salford quays

5 months ago
A Avatar

Imagine actually relying on Glide for anything lmao.

5 months ago
Zack Avatar

Router says wifi is working but it cannot connect to the interenet. It's been down since about 7:30pm Manchester M50 2BB

5 months ago
bigshaq Avatar

currently in central london, glide workin on the laptop and phone for most tings but some stuff aint like spotify or snapchat idk why. Some RADIUS error tiing showing up when I try signin into my glide account as welll bruv wtf is this I have shit dueeee

5 months ago
Mohammed Abdullah Hussain Al Harruwi Avatar

Mohammed Abdullah Hussain Al Harruwi
Internet down, cant do work (continue my e-date)

5 months ago
Mirkkai Patel Avatar

Mirkkai Patel
internets out, cant do work (be cringe on league)

5 months ago
Chris Cooper Avatar

Chris Cooper
Glide down near Desford, Leicester LE9 9FB

5 months ago
Ugh  Avatar

Down again in notts

5 months ago
Vlad Avatar

Glide fibre not working still at 10 pm, in Neasden London. What’s going on?

5 months ago
Ash Avatar

Thanks I’m not only one Every Christmas film had to keep stopping turn off start again Ruined every day Great team Effort Can we get refund and go back to SKY

5 months ago
Anoon Avatar

itz down ennit in the old cambridge . gonna have 2 go to a blummin formal now aint i?

5 months ago
Sons Avatar

Bath is just a dead zone atm… Did someone dive a Ford F-250 into the server banks wtf is happening it’s been hours, why is this happening?

5 months ago


About Glide

Glide is a utilities, communication and connectivity company based out of the UK. Founded in 1988, the company provides innovative utilities and super-fast broadband services. Glide functions individually as Glide Student, Glide Business, and Glide Residential units, together operating as Glide UK. The company’s services are utilized by students, businesses, as well as accommodation owners in the country.

The utility services from Glide include monthly management of all household related payments, such as gas, broadband, electricity, TV, and water. Glide currently handles the monthly utilities of over 87000 tenants in the country. It is fast gaining popularity among businesses, residential areas, and especially student accommodation units. Glide’s internet service is handled via Virgin Media’s high-speed fiber networks.

The customer service team from Glide can be reached in case of any problems or assistance with the network going down. Call 0333-666-5555 for customer support. In case of any outages in the broadband service, get help by calling 0330-024-1110.

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Reported outages on 24.06.2022:
There were a total of 2 outages at Glide. The most frequently affected cities were: Manchester