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Chanelle 4 months ago
Cambridge halls m15 6tt not working on phone but working on laptop, unable to access login due to 503 service unavailable error

james 4 months ago
Nottingham, ng11 Glide not connecting on wifi or ethernet. Says password wrong despite it being copied from password manager.

E 4 months ago
Stoke-on-Trent ST4 Student accommodation wifi not working; Glide requesting to login but when doing so receive error of 503 service unavailable

Kmr 4 months ago
Keeps telling me to sign in , sw8 1fz

G dog 4 months ago
Lincoln Ln1 3dp Wifi isn’t working, when trying to connect it says failed and then when you say forgot password is says error

Robyn 4 months ago
Down in Leicester LE2 7EQ not sure how long it's been like that

jay suterwalla 4 months ago
internet down since 2.30pm sutaka uk, ub31ey postcode any update???

Sam 6 months ago
Down in Coventry, specifically in Westwood business park

Why 7 months ago
Down in Chapter Ealing again for over 12 hours…

Matt 11 months ago
M3 5PG, Salford

Kam Wan HO 1 year ago
No internet service, it keep going asking me to sign-in M50 2TH

Mohammed 1 year ago
No service in north Maidenhead. Please advise.

Jon 1 year ago
CR0 Croydon Internet down

Anon 2 years ago
Ha3 London Wow 10 hours planned maintenance on a weekday

Zack 2 years ago
M50 2BB Internet has been down most of the morning. Devices show it's on but that the internet is not connected

Soph 2 years ago
Internet has been down almost a week now... absolutely no word back from support about why

Fleur 2 years ago
M50 Salford, Manchester. Extremely temperamental in our building. Not the service we pay for. Constantly going down, poor signal and having to use my data.

Amy 2 years ago
Glide has restricted certain shows and movies on netflix within the past week. Have spoken to netflix team and uni IT support and have been told it's due to Glide wifi. Super annoying. Edinburgh

Mimte 2 years ago
Exeter - At this time everyone is busy with their assignments ! It's such a shame that with this amount of users around the UK and still weak infrastructure.

Vlad 2 years ago
Neasden London still down on glide. Since 6 pm it’s like this. Still down. Hopefully will come back by the morning.


About Glide

Glide is a leading provider of utilities, broadband, connectivity and communications services to the UK's flexible living sector. Established in 2007, the company has fast become a household name, renowned for its dedication to delivering seamless service, high-speed internet and cost-effective solutions nationwide. However, like any service provider, Glide may occasionally experience disruptions or outages. This page provides you with a comprehensive guide on potential issues and how to troubleshoot them effectively.

Potential Glide Disruptions and Solutions

Given the breadth of Glide's service offering, disruptions may occur in various forms. Here we provide an overview of some potential issues and how to resolve them:

1. **Internet Connection Issues**: If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, try resetting your router or switching off and on your device. If the issue persists, it might be due to a service outage. Check Glide's service status page or social media channels for updates. 2. **Slow Internet Speed**: If you're experiencing slow internet speed, it could be due to several reasons, including network congestion, device limitations, or Wi-Fi interference. Try connecting your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable, reduce the number of active devices, or position your router away from other electronic devices. 3. **TV or Phone Service Issues**: If you're having problems with your TV or phone services, try resetting your set-box or disconnecting and reconnecting your phone line. Glide's customer service can also assist with troubleshooting steps specific to your issue.

Troubleshooting Tips

When encountering any service disruption, the following general troubleshooting tips can be useful:

1. Restart your device or equipment. 2. Check your cables and connections. 3. Check for updates on Glide's service status page or social media channels. 4. Contact Glide's customer service for further assistance.

Reporting a Problem

If you are unable to resolve the issue, you should report it to Glide. You can do this by logging into your online account and selecting 'Report a Problem'. You can also contact Glide's customer service directly via phone or email.

Stay Informed

Stay ahead of potential disruptions by regularly checking Glide's service status page and following their social media accounts. These platforms provide real-time updates on service disruptions and maintenance work.

While service disruptions can be frustrating, remember that most issues can be resolved quickly and easily with a little troubleshooting. Always be sure to report persistent problems to Glide's customer service for further assistance.


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