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About Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband is a UK-based internet service provider handling one of the country’s biggest telecommunications services. The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of bridging the digital gap in the internet industry. Origin Broadband has today succeeded in bringing the internet to those who need it, boosting the country’s economy in the process.

Origin Broadband caters to a range of users from residential internet users to high-value corporate businesses. The services offered by Origin Broadband include leased lines, connectivity solutions, data center services, ADSL, VDSL, EAD, Wireless, and cable broadband.

With a ‘customer first’ mindset, Origin Broadband has invested in top-notch support teams in the UK. Bringing help and solutions to consumers who face outages in service is a top priority, and Origin does not disappoint. Reach out to the support service for any problems or issues with services going down. Call 0330-024-1717 from your mobile or landline, choose 1 for technical assistance and choose 6 for customer queries.

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Twitter Natz831

@Natz831 @OriginBroadband you ho on like u want to help rectify problems your so called customers are in but in the end u ju…

at 01.03.2021 13:19:22
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 RT @Natz831: @OriginBroadband I was with origin for 2 wks with no signal so I cancelled my contract and now they have sent my details to C…

at 01.03.2021 12:29:24
Twitter Natz831

@Natz831 @OriginBroadband How do I message you directly

at 01.03.2021 12:17:12
Twitter Natz831

@Natz831 @OriginBroadband Have spoken to your colleagues and they have been no help at alk

at 01.03.2021 12:14:37
Twitter Natz831

@Natz831 @OriginBroadband I was with origin for 2 wks with no signal so I cancelled my contract and now they have sent my d…

at 01.03.2021 12:07:04
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 We have said it before @originbroadband half the price as only works half the time. No support, but very good on ta…

at 01.03.2021 08:11:27
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 Good advice from Richard if you are thinking of joining struggling @originbroadband

at 01.03.2021 08:09:31
Twitter breandan18

@breandan18 @OriginBroadband hi. I have just connected my hub and broadband is ok. However I'm not getting a dial tone on the p…

at 01.03.2021 01:58:32
Twitter Schmell_DeCoffe

@Schmell_DeCoffe @_maryambukhari @RandyTamba @OriginBroadband £1800? Jesus wept how long did you sign up for?

at 28.02.2021 14:19:07
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 looks like someone else has spoken with David @originbroadband #originfraudband

at 27.02.2021 09:10:48
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 RT @DerekWe51929279: @OriginBroadban1 @OriginBroadband I encourage anyone with issues regarding origin broadband to post direct on Twitter…

at 27.02.2021 09:08:19
Twitter RandyTamba

@RandyTamba @_maryambukhari @OriginBroadband 😱😱😱😱😱 naaaaaah that’s piss take

at 26.02.2021 23:31:49
Twitter _maryambukhari

@_maryambukhari @RandyTamba @OriginBroadband Same thing has happened to my mum, engineer cancelled three times and they won’t even…

at 26.02.2021 21:55:07
Twitter DerekWe51929279

@DerekWe51929279 @OriginBroadban1 @OriginBroadband I encourage anyone with issues regarding origin broadband to post direct on Twitt…

at 26.02.2021 20:19:47
Twitter DerekWe51929279

@DerekWe51929279 @OriginBroadband it’s keeping broadband simple because it’s managed by simple people.

at 26.02.2021 19:04:04
Twitter __getinthebin

@__getinthebin @louotway @chickabiddybex @OriginBroadband I called their support a second time today. The second guy (who was far…

at 26.02.2021 13:47:39
Twitter louotway

@louotway @__getinthebin @chickabiddybex @OriginBroadband Deflecting much?

at 26.02.2021 13:21:40
Twitter __getinthebin

@__getinthebin @OriginBroadban1 @davidjbodman @OriginBroadband @Ofcom @OmbudServices Well this is certainly interesting. This is t…

at 26.02.2021 12:54:05
Twitter __getinthebin

@__getinthebin @OriginBroadban1 @louotway @OriginBroadband I have, yes. I sent a very eloquent reply which can be TL;DR'd to "Abso…

at 26.02.2021 12:44:46
Twitter Arik809fr

@Arik809fr @OriginBroadband, my broadband keeps dropping at 1-3pm, 4-6pm and 12-1.30am, almost everyday. Not sure what to do;…

at 26.02.2021 10:58:20
Twitter RandyTamba

@RandyTamba @OriginBroadband Ok I just did

at 26.02.2021 10:21:13
Twitter RandyTamba

@RandyTamba @OriginBroadband I’ve had no internet for a month spoke to one of your agents and still no results and I’ve been p…

at 26.02.2021 09:55:45
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 @davidjbodman @__getinthebin @OriginBroadband @Ofcom yes definately applies though they will tell you it doesnt. Th…

at 26.02.2021 08:06:21
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 @louotway @__getinthebin @OriginBroadband have you not had the price increase email?

at 26.02.2021 08:05:13
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 David @originbroadband not sure customer service is your bag your responses to the people who pays your wages are s…

at 26.02.2021 08:04:30
Twitter OriginBroadban1

@OriginBroadban1 @__getinthebin @OriginBroadband yeah they dont really get it!

at 26.02.2021 08:03:19
Twitter louotway

@louotway @__getinthebin @OriginBroadband Not only has my _STATIC_ IP changed (and broken a bunch of services due to whitelis…

at 25.02.2021 21:41:00
Twitter louotway

@louotway @OriginBroadband @__getinthebin Only 17 mins, outstanding.

at 25.02.2021 21:38:57
Twitter mccali99

@mccali99 @OriginBroadband The worst customer service ever!!!

at 25.02.2021 21:35:28
Twitter davidjbodman

@davidjbodman @__getinthebin @OriginBroadband @Ofcom Short answer is yes, it definitely applies. Here's the overview:…

at 25.02.2021 21:02:06