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About ASK4

Ask4 is an internet operator that specializes in providing internet to multi-tenant accommodations. The company was founded by Jonathan Burrows in the year 2000, offering high-speed networks and data services, particularly for student housing. Partnering with numerous universities, residential apartments, businesses, and private sector providers, Ask4 is one of the most sought-after ISPs today.

Ask4 has a current user base of over 180,000 across the UK and locations such as Ireland, Spain, and Poland. The company’s 4Network functionality won an award in 2017 for ‘Innovation of the Year’. Using this feature, tenants can avail secure and private wireless access in their homes as part of the shared building infrastructure.

Ask4 offers complete and reliable support options, which earned it the award of Best Consumer Customer Service from the ISP Association. If services are down at any point, you can reach out to the respective support personnel via their website contact page. For assistance with other problems or outages, contact Ask4 on their helpline at 0114-303-3200.

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