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About iDNET

IDNet is an internet operator in the UK offering high-speed broadband, email, web hosting, and telephony services. The company uses advanced internet protocols including IPv6 and MPLS, making it one of the premier ISPs in the country. Founded in the year 1996, IDNet provides its services to businesses users, corporations and government agencies across the UK.

IDNet’s network was rated one of the most reliable and fast services in the country, with a subscriber base of over 20 million users. IDNet currently offers broadband, leased lines, voice services, and a new feature called EtherWifi. This new functionality provides super-fast internet to locations away from major cities. EtherWifi has allowed IDNet to reach industrial areas, rural businesses, and business parks outside city limits.

Contact IDNet for service problems or network outages at 0800-331-7000. If services are down due to any reason, you can always look up the support section on their website for initial assistance before calling the helpline.

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