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Jordan 2 months ago
No Internet hp180ur

Samantha Sunday 2 months ago
Internet has been having connections issues for the last few days. Co6 4hb. Please help.

Lou 3 months ago
No Internet again sn12 7fs

Louise Tuthill 3 months ago
Sp29GL What wrong with internet

Wilma Mcginn 4 months ago
No Internet all night this is getting to b a habit not amused east ayrshire

Autumn 4 months ago
Has started losing connection every single night round about midnight, for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. I'm a night owl with insomnia and online work to do, this doesn't sit well with me. West Lancs L39

Danny 4 months ago
No Internet all weekend, they said 24 to 72 hours, been 4 days now, need it fixed

Jane 8 months ago
I've had problems with no Internet sporadically for the last 10 days in Wilmslow area. Tried all the usual things still not working! I really need help.

Odessa 8 months ago
No internet since this afternoon UB4 8JA. Direct Save said it's an Openreach outage, but I can't find any information on this. Stressful, as I need internet!

Sara 10 months ago
No Internet on any device today. This is very stressful as I need to work from home several days thus week.

Dawn evans 10 months ago
No internet it’s a Sunday and bank holiday who do I contact

Mich 11 months ago
Internet down worcester WR5

Nathalie 1 year ago
I am in Hastings and there is no internet today. It has happened already too many times before… if you are unable to run a reliable service, I will have no other option but to change provider.

James 1 year ago
Internet light on on the router, but no internet on any devices. Tried to contact support but we keep getting told the problem is our device... all 12 of them. Very poor KA66ET Ayrshire

Hanna 1 year ago
Internet disappears very often!!! What am I paying money for? No 24/7 technical support!!! I will be forced to terminate my contract with you!!!! This can't go on like this!!!!! SE22 9QD

Hanna Krokus 1 year ago
Where is my internet?????? My work stopped!!!!!! ((((( SE22 9 QD

Craig 1 year ago
Internet keeps dropping out. Modem says connected but no Internet. RH10 3GG

Shaun Johnson 1 year ago
Every light is green other then the internet and status, Please can you Fix this in your Side, Blackpool FY55DG

Shaun Johnson 1 year ago
Had No Internet For 3 Days, and I work from home it still is not up yet, please do something about this FY55DG

AJ 1 year ago
GL54. Broadband dropping on and off since this morning.



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Reported outages on 20.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Direct Save Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Walsall
Reported outages on 18.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Direct Save Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Glasgow
Reported outages on 15.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Direct Save Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were:

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