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About Zen Internet

Zen Internet is an internet company providing broadband and other services in the UK. Founded by Richard Tang in the year 1995, the company was one of the first ISPs in the country. From 2 employees at its inception, the company grew to a team of over 400 by the year 2012.

The various services offered by Zen Internet are available to both business users and residential users. These include broadband fiber, DSL and ADSL, security services, hosting and domain services, design services, and voice phone services. Zen was one of the initial companies to offer self-installing ADSL to users. Their network is among the few that do not depend on other networks for signal and strength, relying only on its own lines.

Zen offers quality customer support in case of problems with their services. If the network is down or you encounter an outage, reach out to the support team at 0170-690-2001 for technical assistance.

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@NARCPILLQR sigh,,,, ik im sad cause obv its 1am.... but i just,,,, can somebody send me pictures of either zen or yamaguchi,,, please :(

08.08.2020 05:20:14
Twitter indiebeewrmking

@indiebeewrmking @ElijahSock i had so many when i was really into streaming. zen sanity is amazing, incredibly sweet, other than tha…

08.08.2020 05:06:10
Twitter cuddlysaifah

@cuddlysaifah @ricetouch Saifah may be my favorite but I relate to Zen a whole lot more :(((

08.08.2020 05:00:31
Twitter syn_zen

@syn_zen @methbac But if there was a gentler version, it would probably hurt our arm and leg joints before stretching our back :(

08.08.2020 04:59:47

@SOMN0PHIL1A miss zen and hannie :(

08.08.2020 03:37:58
Twitter cannedstinky1

@cannedstinky1 FUCK KAIGAKU LIVES ❌❌❌ cancelled !! i hate this dumb bitch i cant BELIEVE he did that to Zenitsu >:( and when Zen s…

08.08.2020 01:51:52
Twitter _HellPie

@_HellPie @JulesBjorn "Or bap zen" I wish :(

08.08.2020 00:41:17
Twitter lunacatte

@lunacatte @zentreya That's rough Zen :( I hope things get resolved soon.

07.08.2020 20:52:41
Twitter debbie_zen

@debbie_zen @DemzzyyPriv :(((( If it makes you happy then I won’t do the whole “you don’t need it xxx” stick. But I will say pl…

07.08.2020 19:26:42
Twitter keshianation

@keshianation RT @soyacrossing: — in memory of my star frag trees: my zen + rock garden and the painting area next to it 🎐💌🐇 (wip) i was waiting for…

07.08.2020 14:55:22
Twitter ctrlagencyla

@ctrlagencyla WEAR YOUR MASK @zen

07.08.2020 14:40:19
Twitter soyacrossing

@soyacrossing — in memory of my star frag trees: my zen + rock garden and the painting area next to it 🎐💌🐇 (wip) i was waiti…

07.08.2020 13:38:35
Twitter towerofseven

@towerofseven I want to get Zen normal ending but it feels so off to not reply to mails :(

07.08.2020 13:37:59
Twitter WorstMercyEU

@WorstMercyEU Boosted by valkrona btw. Would be 37 without him :(. Me and @horrifo zen bap duo kinda op 😳

07.08.2020 12:17:14
Twitter enbywei

@enbywei @zheIfies oh i love yoosung's route :( using was like. my first ever comfort character, i've done his route like..…

07.08.2020 12:06:20
Twitter bhaechaaan

@bhaechaaan @127QTAH im all of zen, what should i do? :(

07.08.2020 11:17:15
Twitter PossumOtter

@PossumOtter @zentreya I'm sure most of us knew you chose to be mute, but yeah, I'm sure most people in this community are great…

07.08.2020 07:48:24
Twitter ViDragoness

@ViDragoness @zentreya Nothing to say sorry for Zen, you should not have to justify not talking, we know people can be creepy. S…

07.08.2020 03:35:55
Twitter Zen_Zesser

@Zen_Zesser RT @httptahjaya: hear the fireworks but cya see dem :(

07.08.2020 03:04:49
Twitter iIyseungs

@iIyseungs wait can i restart so i dont have to miss the chatrooms again ??? zen's cute :(((((

07.08.2020 02:25:14
Twitter akaashisunshine

@akaashisunshine I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND SHE DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE !!! i loved her route so much and i hate how Jumin treats her 💔💔 a…

06.08.2020 21:48:26
Twitter g3my_zen

@g3my_zen @kokimotochan same :(

06.08.2020 21:27:34
Twitter DanzoTm

@DanzoTm @MomentumOW its gonna be bap zen and maybe bap brig bro :(

06.08.2020 19:44:50
Twitter noob_unlucky

@noob_unlucky @zen_it01 Can u make a New Brush hat and Name the price 20 robux pls i Missed that item i really liked it :(

06.08.2020 19:31:40
Twitter Nokotaaa

@Nokotaaa @MomentumOW @mainggs ok fine lucio can be meta but dont flame me when i lock zen/ana/bap :(

06.08.2020 19:11:38
Twitter genyikes

@genyikes @BloopZero He starts choking when zen just shoves it down his throat without warning. he probably tries to pull bac…

06.08.2020 17:24:28
Twitter RyujenSan

@RyujenSan Guys you better chase the bag now or else he’s gonna take it along with Thimo and Zen (unfortunately r8teful has qu…

06.08.2020 16:50:43
Twitter intohjin

@intohjin @1njmsjmdct - first impression: maingay - your nickname in my head: yuan two three hindi zen >:( - closeness rating…

06.08.2020 16:15:25
Twitter SapphireLancer

@SapphireLancer @aetherflows Zen is a baby but fairly tall for a Miqo’te (maxed out slider, yay). No one ever seemed to realize the…

06.08.2020 16:05:15
Twitter FinalGale_Kira

@FinalGale_Kira @ellery_six Ahhh its so cute! You got his zen down perfectly

06.08.2020 15:28:39