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About Zen Internet

Zen Internet is an internet company providing broadband and other services in the UK. Founded by Richard Tang in the year 1995, the company was one of the first ISPs in the country. From 2 employees at its inception, the company grew to a team of over 400 by the year 2012.

The various services offered by Zen Internet are available to both business users and residential users. These include broadband fiber, DSL and ADSL, security services, hosting and domain services, design services, and voice phone services. Zen was one of the initial companies to offer self-installing ADSL to users. Their network is among the few that do not depend on other networks for signal and strength, relying only on its own lines.

Zen offers quality customer support in case of problems with their services. If the network is down or you encounter an outage, reach out to the support team at 0170-690-2001 for technical assistance.

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Live reports

Twitter whostoleurcandy

@whostoleurcandy @ZEN_SANITY ruined my day :(

at 02.03.2021 20:32:03
Twitter thesalm0nguy

@thesalm0nguy I’m just trying to use Kid Buu and then I run into a zen kai 7team :(

at 02.03.2021 18:56:21
Twitter multicity_zen

@multicity_zen Bebou :(

at 02.03.2021 18:14:05
Twitter earthenwood

@earthenwood I took @zen.linea’s Hlow on Black Mosaic class on @skillshare last night and did this inspired gem piece today. I l…

at 02.03.2021 17:59:33
Twitter diorrsana

@diorrsana zen is so fucking adorable and precious please i want to protect him with my whole soul i love him so fucking much :(

at 02.03.2021 16:12:00
Twitter bIueschuu

@bIueschuu where are ak mimi and zen i miss them wtf :(

at 02.03.2021 13:27:07
Twitter csyhours

@csyhours @hwanX__x take care of yourself zen!!!!:(

at 02.03.2021 13:24:24
Twitter VanteChimm_

@VanteChimm_ zen still not back :((

at 02.03.2021 11:36:58
Twitter zen_cne

@zen_cne RT @S0GAIKAN: me and sougo but “:)” and “>:(“

at 02.03.2021 05:06:26
Twitter Fansofhate

@Fansofhate @ZenRhino1 That is me. And I'm not joking Zen. I've always liked you. I used to enjoy your Instagram posts but then I got banned :(

at 02.03.2021 03:38:54
Twitter quirkyNkind

@quirkyNkind RT @moonsubins: im hoping the mystic messenger webtoon gets a second season since saeran wasnt in it :( but overall it was very cute and in…

at 02.03.2021 03:34:52
Twitter sanflwrv

@sanflwrv Morning I miss Zen @sugawtf so much :((

at 02.03.2021 02:19:27
Twitter antichangkyun

@antichangkyun I GOT IN TROUBLE IN AP WORLD HISTORY BC OF THISSSSSSS i just wanted to talk to zen :(

at 02.03.2021 02:07:04
Twitter kilsskateboard

@kilsskateboard @hyunryuzen_ Zen no cuss cuss>:( Maybe move a bit slower.. and be more careful:)

at 01.03.2021 20:50:36
Twitter wyvereon

@wyvereon Zen I miss you baby :(

at 01.03.2021 20:36:58
Twitter theamazing707

@theamazing707 @zen_nextdoor // aww, goodbye! It was always nice to see you on the timeline, I regret not interacting more :( I ho…

at 01.03.2021 19:24:04
Twitter Boon_Nyoom

@Boon_Nyoom :( tanjirou hugging zenitsu from the front by the waist while he's busy reading something off a product :(( he look…

at 01.03.2021 17:57:46
Twitter hanahaki_victim

@hanahaki_victim @zen_nextdoor 😭😭😭 YOU TOO! please don't overwork yourself and stay hydrated!! :((

at 01.03.2021 16:00:12
Twitter zen_nextdoor

@zen_nextdoor @alatusbride ° hey ill miss u all too :( and thank u!! will do lol

at 01.03.2021 15:52:12
Twitter AllusianN

@AllusianN @zen_nextdoor okay im seeing it twice dumbmate :( you're fully leaving it?

at 01.03.2021 15:25:25
Twitter zen_nextdoor

@zen_nextdoor @707choi_ ° ily too sobs take care of urself pls and drink lots of water :(

at 01.03.2021 14:19:43
Twitter zen_rvlle

@zen_rvlle RT @beid6u: tw // pedophilia uh, there's this nsfw animation of klee circulating :( so if you would like to block the artist behind it it…

at 01.03.2021 13:35:13
Twitter gayguang

@gayguang i hope zen is doing okay today :(

at 01.03.2021 13:11:30
Twitter zen_nextdoor

@zen_nextdoor @zenstoesucker ° sobs 😭 ily too julia :(

at 01.03.2021 12:19:20
Twitter evil_angel_zen

@evil_angel_zen @cheolranghaeee Isssokk. Dont say sorry. :(((((

at 01.03.2021 11:49:00
Twitter bIueschuu

@bIueschuu @haezeone zen ak and enzo deactivated :(

at 01.03.2021 11:12:41
Twitter jjktriviaz

@jjktriviaz @kokoshwee Zen and Enzo were fine on tl tho idk what happened :(

at 01.03.2021 10:45:25
Twitter zenscents_

@zenscents_ New month, new opportunities to shop @zen.scents_ .✨ We are selling out but we will be sure to restock!…

at 01.03.2021 10:39:31
Twitter luvly_zen

@luvly_zen @NinaRahmani4 Hi sorry, PH only :(

at 01.03.2021 10:05:21
Twitter zen_nextdoor

@zen_nextdoor @bigtiddiesan ° ill miss u too :( pls take care of urself okay???

at 01.03.2021 09:01:26