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Norma 3 months ago
S65 Rotherham the past few nights at 9pm 5USA no signal all other free view channels I got no complaints

Jack 4 months ago
E4 Chingford London no signal no guide and no channels

Fred 4 months ago
BH5 2AH bournemouh all free view channels gone rescanned and no channels

A Wilton 4 months ago
Once again, the TV signal in the Blackheath area of London, SE3 is breaking up. This has been happening for weeks now, but Freeview keeps insisting that there is nothing wrong.

Christopher James Marsh 4 months ago
certain channels are not there Quest channel 12 and no channels between 50 and 59 , have retuned and now not even showing , Dursley GL114PY

eddie 5 months ago
Intermittent signal as though there is buffeting. Signal coming from B'ham.

Lisa 5 months ago
PL126XE Saltash. Channels and guide shows programs. When you try to watch any channels it shows a black screen

Sarah 5 months ago
Total tv blackout. I can get tv guide but tv goes black wen I press to watch. Hailsham

JoS 5 months ago
No freeview channels at all for 2 days in AL3 , Herts

TerryM 5 months ago
Thanet, Kent, CT9 area signal on Freeview very weak that no channels are watchable. This has been over a week now. It is a regular thing since Digital took over from the analog system. It is so much worse now as you cannot watch anything for long where with analog you could still watch even when the signal was weak.

Daniel 6 months ago
My Freeview is alternating between breaking up and having no signal is the areal down in Plymouth in the PL15AQ area?

Christine 6 months ago
All our independent channels pixilating for over a week - only BBC1 and 2 watchable. Stourport On Severn DY13 9QS 20.01.2024

David Anderson 6 months ago
Irvine data channels down 286 and others no signal others working?

Hazel sowerbutts 6 months ago
I am sick and tired trying to get a tv signal its the weather I think .I can not get anything at the moment .I live in the Staffordshire moorlands where you can not get TV ,or nothing else for that matter i.e mobile etc etc !

Sharone 6 months ago
Digital channels itv 4 5 not working only bbc?

Scary Jeff 6 months ago
No HD signal and patch on SD. (West Sussex, RH14)

Robert Graves 6 months ago
No free view at all. No signal. No stations Margate CT9

Neil addyman 6 months ago
No freeview at BD13 cullingworth for last 24 hours

Ian 6 months ago
No free view LS123PJ for 24 hours, Leeds. Any others affected locally

Trickytrees 6 months ago
No signal since new years eve.???...system unfit for purpose...Freeview sight says no problems.????..Mummy????...NG7 5RT...Notts.....



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Reported outages on 21.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Freeview. The most frequently affected cities were: Basildon
Reported outages on 17.07.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Freeview. The most frequently affected cities were: Kettering

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