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About Freeview

Freeview is a television broadcasting venture jointly run by Sky, BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, and is transmitted by Arqiva. Founded in the year 2002, Freeview is the most widely used free to air digital TV platform in the UK. Freeview offers users television channels, text services, radio channels, and HD TV channels. A Freeview tuner box is required to view the channels, which has been integrated with TV sets since the year 2008. An HD version is also available for the Freeview HD variant.

Digital TV channels from Freeview can be received via any compatible television receiver, recorder, or set-top box. The channels are not encrypted, making it accessible to anyone in the country. As of 2018, Freeview has a total of 90 channels, 15 HD channels, and 33 radio services in its package.

You can reach out to Freeview customer support for any problems or if the signals are down. Dial 0345-650-5050 from any UK number. Service or network outages are generally posted on their webpage.

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Twitter nowtvhelp

@nowtvhelp @JoeTurner1978 Ah Joe, this is the SMART Box with Freeview built in and does not support the red button streams. Ex…

at 02.03.2021 18:03:20
Twitter Nicky_Harrison_

@Nicky_Harrison_ @hipmeltx @ChanleyCourtTV @CourtTV @Freeview What will they do if George Floyd's goes to a Saturday Deliberation?.

at 27.02.2021 16:38:26
Twitter hipmeltx

@hipmeltx @Nicky_Harrison_ @ChanleyCourtTV @CourtTV @Freeview Honestly, I don’t recall ever seeing a verdict on Saturday but…

at 27.02.2021 16:37:20
Twitter Nicky_Harrison_

@Nicky_Harrison_ @hipmeltx @ChanleyCourtTV @CourtTV I couldn't believe it when it came to British @Freeview #Freeview a couple of we…

at 27.02.2021 16:27:41