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Channel 4, a free-to-air television service, is a largely self-funded, public channel operating in the UK. Founded in 1982 as a subsidiary of IBA, the Independent Broadcasting Authority, Channel 4 is currently owned by the public Channel Four Television Corporation. The channel serves as the fourth British service after BBC One, BBC Two and ITV.

Channel 4 currently airs shows in various genres including comedy, current affairs, school programming, religious programs, and movies among others. A Woman of Substance and Big Brother are some of the popular shows that are aired by the channel with a large viewership of over 13 million each. Channel 4 also launched a video-on-demand service in 2006 called All 4, which airs a range of recently streamed shows on the channel.

Channel 4’s support center can be reached at 0345-076-0191 for any queries or service problems. For issues with system outages and service going down, check the web page for local issues before reaching out to the support team.

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Twitter seaboat4

@seaboat4 @Campbell_NEFife @theSNP @DaveDooganSNP @Channel4 Hi ,remember the pied piper ? Eu is finished jk

08.08.2020 09:31:46
Twitter seaboat4

@seaboat4 @linannlum @theSNP @socialunrest17 @DaveDooganSNP @Channel4 Hi Linda , vote for them , and be a slave to EU jk

08.08.2020 09:30:32
Twitter seaboat4

@seaboat4 @DaveDooganSNP @chalmclan @theSNP @Channel4 @IanMurrayMP Hi ,well ,well , you want us to join a crumbling EU ? Be…

08.08.2020 09:29:08
Twitter DPritchardm

@DPritchardm RT @DPritchardm: The phenomenal @Harrietviolin playing the opening of my ‘March 2020’ after Maggi Hambling’s painting featured on @Alan_Mea…

08.08.2020 09:24:20
Twitter seaboat4

@seaboat4 @BlueFluxMusic @theSNP @DaveDooganSNP @Channel4 Feer , feer , what are you afraid of ? Great Britain will prevail , jk

08.08.2020 09:22:34
Twitter AndrewLunt13

@AndrewLunt13 @8Outof10Cats @Channel4 When are the guests going to be comedians again?

08.08.2020 09:20:38
Twitter DistinctbyMIM

@DistinctbyMIM RT @DistinctbyMIM: @BrooksideSoap @Classicbritcom @LivEchonews @lpoolcouncil @capliverpool @artinliverpool #SoapOperas @Coops_tv @tvark @Ch…

08.08.2020 09:19:11
Twitter DistinctbyMIM

@DistinctbyMIM @BrooksideSoap @Classicbritcom @LivEchonews @lpoolcouncil @capliverpool @artinliverpool #SoapOperas @Coops_tv…

08.08.2020 09:18:44
Twitter HedgeBuddies

@HedgeBuddies RT @davepperlmutter: My mate @AndyEventsHost, has two cool #instagram LIVE video chats coming up! This #Monday at 7pm he’s chatting to @aus…

08.08.2020 09:15:10
Twitter deafielisa

@deafielisa @8Outof10Cats @jimmycarr @RonJichardson @josierones @tomallencomedy @susie_dent @RachelRileyRR @Channel4 Hi five to…

08.08.2020 09:13:21
Twitter IARTG

@IARTG RT @davepperlmutter: My mate @AndyEventsHost, has two cool #instagram LIVE video chats coming up! This #Monday at 7pm he’s chatting to @aus…

08.08.2020 09:12:20
Twitter skaistex

@skaistex RT @LittleMix: Hey guys tune in tonight at 10pm on @Channel4 to watch "The Talk" where myself and other well known black brits speak about…

08.08.2020 09:07:46
Twitter seaboat4

@seaboat4 @Elizabe77663281 @theSNP @DaveDooganSNP @Channel4 Hi , Liz ....we would be slaves to the crumbling EU ,do you trust…

08.08.2020 09:06:04
Twitter DreamCargoes

@DreamCargoes Read @_Ash_Clark's insightful historical overview of Black British films & TV. Clark reveals the need for a new ACT…

08.08.2020 09:02:57
Twitter Cohiba42794785

@Cohiba42794785 @invinciblekop @danreed1000 @iankatz1000 @Channel4 @HBO @bobbyTObrown Here is the full article. From yesterday

08.08.2020 09:02:12
Twitter NaturaEmporium

@NaturaEmporium RT @davepperlmutter: My mate @AndyEventsHost, has two cool #instagram LIVE video chats coming up! This #Monday at 7pm he’s chatting to @aus…

08.08.2020 09:02:05
Twitter MrsClinton39

@MrsClinton39 @markanthony0501 @C4Naked @Channel4 Really??? I love it! 🤣😉 x

08.08.2020 09:00:37
Twitter ChefRachelGreen

@ChefRachelGreen RT @FairburnsEggs: Sarah Louise Fairburn appeared on @Channel4 news last night. As chair of the Joint Town Deal Board for Mablethorpe and S…

08.08.2020 08:57:53
Twitter DJWCymruExile

@DJWCymruExile RT @PinkNews: This @Channel4 documentary shows a transgender couple's journey to parenthood 😍

08.08.2020 08:55:56

@ATDIXON RT @ToriMadu: @SanditonSister2 @ripper_street @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @Sanditon @wgbh @masterpiecepbs @PBS @Channel4 Not in the fandom bu…

08.08.2020 08:55:20
Twitter scharps1

@scharps1 @AnnahFrancisco @billybigblogger @Channel4 @Jordan_Banjo @WeAreWhisperTV @cardiffprods And seriously, if Africans w…

08.08.2020 08:52:47
Twitter scharps1

@scharps1 @AnnahFrancisco @billybigblogger @Channel4 There's absolutely no question whatsoever that whites are treated worse…

08.08.2020 08:50:45
Twitter davepperlmutter

@davepperlmutter My mate @AndyEventsHost, has two cool #instagram LIVE video chats coming up! This #Monday at 7pm he’s chatting to…

08.08.2020 08:49:05
Twitter Cassy_Allsworth

@Cassy_Allsworth RT @invinciblekop: AVIDGLTR Anyone who was manipulated, groomed & tricked by @danreed1000’s hoax should be genuinely angry & upset. That’ll…

08.08.2020 08:45:38
Twitter DionneDaniel5

@DionneDaniel5 Just caught up with @Channel4 : The Talk . Worth a watch .

08.08.2020 08:44:58
Twitter edthedrummer

@edthedrummer @ArthurButcher44 @YeOldeAutosport @MBrundleF1 @Channel4 @therealdcf1 @AussieGrit @BillyMonger Martins a sensible, l…

08.08.2020 08:37:14
Twitter cloisteredmonk

@cloisteredmonk @Lisa2672 @MrMisunderstood @mouthwaite @Channel4 @rufusjones1 You still haven’t addressed the question as to why th…

08.08.2020 08:31:47
Twitter jimmycarr

@jimmycarr 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown tonight with @josierones, @tomallencomedy, @RonJichardson, @susie_dent,…

07.08.2020 11:55:00
Twitter 8Outof10Cats

@8Outof10Cats On tonight’s NEW #CatsCountdown: @jimmycarr, @RonJichardson, Sean Lock, @josierones, @tomallencomedy, Adam Riches,…

07.08.2020 09:51:57
Twitter theSNP

@theSNP 🚜 When it came to food standards, Scottish Tory MPs trailed through the voting lobbies at Westminster behind Boris…

06.08.2020 13:04:59