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Bec 1 year ago
Can't text, can't call out and can't received calls or texts either. Neither can the rest of my family. All DN16.

Roz 1 year ago
I have signal but texts are failing, people are ringing me but my phone is not registering that a call is being received? Is there a problem in my area? CT12 4EP.

Katy 1 year ago
Not working i need to ring family

Lisa Grindrod 1 year ago
Rochdale OL11 1RX can’t send texes no signal no one can ring me

Amy Wilkinson 1 year ago
Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) can not send or receive texts

Louise 1 year ago
Texts and calls not working nn8 2 (north Northamptonshire)

P 1 year ago
Data connection problems for the last 2 months. Same message for the last 2 months the only thing changing is the dates: " Sorry, a phone mast close to you isn't working. Looks like a phone mast near to you isn't working as it should, sorry. Our engineers are on the case and making progress but your service might come and go until we fix it. We'll update you by Friday 28th April 2023" NW65TW

Damo 1 year ago
PR4 2NP. No sigal

Philomena Carolan 1 year ago
The internet on my desktop keeps dropping and, youtube keeps stalling. Most times its good. Thank you

Mike 2 years ago
Can get calls but can't make calls essex cm7

Enigmatic 2 years ago
Not being allowed to make a call the number does not ring but disconnects everytime. London, Harrow HA37NB

Muttley 2 years ago
Iv been having data connection problems for past 4 months. I can not stream movies on Amazon fire stick can not do owt really video calls appalling aswell. Network change me thinks. Shame really liked this network aswell!

Tia 2 years ago
Its been 12 days. Signal showing one bar /data either not working or slow. South yorkshire. Phone model samsung a21s

David 2 years ago
Signal is slightly better than earlier Brighton bn2

Lucy 2 years ago
Manchester - Facebook and instagram seem not to be working with Giffgaff, other networks too like my friends are on EE and 02

Liam Duffy 2 years ago
Cannot hold a signal and neither my internet or calls or texts are working as they should... GATESHEAD/Springwell

Donna 3 years ago
My giffgaff is down I can't make a call



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