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Common Problems are:

Mobile internet 50%
Mobile Phone 17%
Voicemail 17%
SMS 17%

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About giffgaff

Giffgaff is a British mobile network started by Telefonica in the year 2009. Operating as Telefonica’s subsidiary in the UK, Giffgaff operates under Telefonica’s O2 network as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO. Giffgaff has consistently won the award for uSwitch Network of the Year from 2016 to 2019.

Giffgaff offers customers a series of bundles termed as ‘goodybags’. These bundles are a combination of data, text messaging, and voice call minutes, which customers can set to auto-renew as well. In early 2015, Giffgaff added the 4G data service into their ‘goodybag’ system, offering the service without additional charges.

Giffgaff does not operate customer support phone lines. Instead, a community-based message board system is utilized to resolve queries. Users can post questions about any outages or other problems on the message boards to get help from other Giffgaff users. If your issues are not resolved and service is still down, you can contact a Giffgaff agent on 0113-272-2000.

Live reports

Twitter GarethBayard

@GarethBayard Sign up to @giffgaff today and receive £5 Free Credit, and help me! -

18.09.2020 15:00:52
Twitter Sal13401233

@Sal13401233 @giffgaff Is there something going on with your network??i bought a £25 gift bag with unlimited everything one out…

18.09.2020 14:33:28
Twitter Treasure_E_M

@Treasure_E_M RT @insidelauralife: AD| Find out what I thought of my refurbished iPhone from @giffgaff Have I converted to refurbished phones? https://t…

18.09.2020 11:43:21
Twitter Jesskahyde

@Jesskahyde @giffgaff hey I'm having some internet issues, some apps working others aren't. Is there a known issue? Thanks

18.09.2020 11:15:43
Twitter djrichie_1967

@djrichie_1967 @sycmioyo1958 @giffgaff Hi Gary. Yes. All good here thanks. Just had a network issue xxxx

18.09.2020 09:27:43
Twitter sycmioyo1958

@sycmioyo1958 @djrichie_1967 @giffgaff 😳 you ok

18.09.2020 09:17:27
Twitter Yorksims

@Yorksims @TriggSheena @giffgaff No you can't unfortunately,giffgaff don't support esims for the Apple watch. Last news from…

18.09.2020 08:58:23
Twitter TriggSheena

@TriggSheena @giffgaff can I use an Apple Watch on giff gaff network?

18.09.2020 08:50:11
Twitter djrichie_1967

@djrichie_1967 Thank you @giffgaff for saving my life!

18.09.2020 08:39:39
Twitter insidelauralife

@insidelauralife AD| Find out what I thought of my refurbished iPhone from @giffgaff Have I converted to refurbished phones?

18.09.2020 07:29:24
Twitter Mykiel_B

@Mykiel_B @david43ni @giffgaff Hi David. No it isn’t as my other iPhone on giffgaff has been updated but remember you can’t d…

18.09.2020 06:22:06
Twitter david43ni

@david43ni Hey still not got iOS 14 @giffgaff is this an issue for us getting it ? Am on pay and go

17.09.2020 23:45:31
Twitter ReblxII

@ReblxII RT @munyachawawa: Unknown P presents 'SmartPhone' (EP2) The quiz show where being smart might win you a phone! 🧠🤩 Presented by Unknown P,…

17.09.2020 23:00:59
Twitter ShowbizMarc

@ShowbizMarc @giffgaff It's not working for me - the Wifi Extra network isn't appearing in my saved networks list

17.09.2020 20:04:10
Twitter ShowbizMarc

@ShowbizMarc @giffgaff Me and my partner are both having trouble connecting to underground WiFi at the moment - is this a known…

17.09.2020 19:36:35
Twitter WillR52

@WillR52 @giffgaff Heya, I've sent a DM :)

17.09.2020 19:15:46
Twitter drz_uk

@drz_uk @giffgaff hello, can you check your dms please

17.09.2020 17:57:39
Twitter jonnojohnb

@jonnojohnb Top tip to stop #coldcalls/ #Nuisancecalls: Remove your sim card. Have your phone as #WiFi calls only. #Savemoney t…

17.09.2020 16:37:04
Twitter KyleEdge01

@KyleEdge01 @giffgaff Thanks :-)

17.09.2020 14:45:21
Twitter KyleEdge01

@KyleEdge01 @giffgaff Never have clicked it, all good ;-)

17.09.2020 14:45:11
Twitter basaclue

@basaclue @giffgaff Hey giffgaff, just wanted to thank you for repairing my phone in record time and sending it back today. T…

17.09.2020 14:41:27
Twitter tmw1000

@tmw1000 .@giffgaff hi, when will connection problems be sorted out? Thanks

17.09.2020 14:38:27
Twitter KyleEdge01

@KyleEdge01 @giffgaff I take it this is fake right?

17.09.2020 14:32:33
Twitter allyshiavlogs

@allyshiavlogs @giffgaff hi there, my housemate is having difficulty logging into his account to even contact an agent - is there…

17.09.2020 13:03:50
Twitter tmforumorg

@tmforumorg New speakers added to DTWS: - Tareq Amin, CTO of @Rakuten_Mobile - @claudianemat Board Member - @deutschetelekom…

17.09.2020 11:30:13
Twitter RJennings2303

@RJennings2303 @giffgaff my mum has changed to your network and we have a PAC code but I can't contact anyone to help set it up as…

17.09.2020 11:09:48
Twitter Yorksims

@Yorksims @resolvercouk @SMARTYMobileUK @giffgaff @bt_uk @SkyUK A pity Resolver's research wasn't better,giffgaff are listed…

17.09.2020 10:05:24
Twitter UniRdg_Student

@UniRdg_Student RT @UniRdg_IntStu: SIM Cards are here!!! 🤩 You can now pick up a FREE SIM Card in university accommodation receptions, Student services re…

17.09.2020 10:05:07
Twitter resolvercouk

@resolvercouk Congrats @SmartyMobileUK @giffgaff, @bt_uk and @SkyUK - see why they are Resolver’s top mobile providers for custom…

17.09.2020 09:45:33
Twitter munyachawawa

@munyachawawa Unknown P presents 'SmartPhone' (EP2) The quiz show where being smart might win you a phone! 🧠🤩 Presented by Unkno…

11.09.2020 19:19:01