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Donna Avatar

My giffgaff is down I can't make a call

2 months ago


About giffgaff

Giffgaff is a British mobile network started by Telefonica in the year 2009. Operating as Telefonica’s subsidiary in the UK, Giffgaff operates under Telefonica’s O2 network as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO. Giffgaff has consistently won the award for uSwitch Network of the Year from 2016 to 2019.

Giffgaff offers customers a series of bundles termed as ‘goodybags’. These bundles are a combination of data, text messaging, and voice call minutes, which customers can set to auto-renew as well. In early 2015, Giffgaff added the 4G data service into their ‘goodybag’ system, offering the service without additional charges.

Giffgaff does not operate customer support phone lines. Instead, a community-based message board system is utilized to resolve queries. Users can post questions about any outages or other problems on the message boards to get help from other Giffgaff users. If your issues are not resolved and service is still down, you can contact a Giffgaff agent on 0113-272-2000.

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