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Common Problems are:

Mobile Phone 50%
Blackout 25%
Mobile internet 25%

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About Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a telecommunications provider operating in the UK as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. Managed by the retail chain Tesco, the mobile services are offered using the O2 network in the country. Tesco provides voicemail services and calls-waiting in their voice packages. 4G services were added to the service with no additional charges from the year 2014.

Tesco Mobile was founded in 2003 by the Tesco retail chain. By the year 2017, Tesco Mobile became a joint venture with 50% operations under Tesco’s blanket and 50% handled by Telefonica via their O2 subsidiary.

Customer support services for Tesco Mobile users with any service problems or outages are handled by O2 Communications Limited. Technical assistance is outsourced to LucidCK. The Tesco website offers a comprehensive self-help forum as the first step in case your services are down. To speak to a customer support executive directly, dial 4455 from a Tesco phone or call 345-301-4455 from other phones.

Live reports

Twitter MrsJJ06

@MrsJJ06 @tescomobile No problem with texts and calls. Have issues only with Mobile data. Yes,I'm abroad atm.

18.09.2020 15:30:17
Twitter IceColdTony_

@IceColdTony_ @AFC_Dan1 @tescomobile Hahah I actually guessed that u where with Tesco mobile just seen there u where

18.09.2020 15:27:49
Twitter natgrin88

@natgrin88 @tescomobile Thanks unfortunately when I called they told me a passport was nt acceptable!

18.09.2020 14:42:20
Twitter AFC_Dan1

@AFC_Dan1 @IceColdTony_ @tescomobile Did you have a stroke?

18.09.2020 13:59:15
Twitter IceColdTony_

@IceColdTony_ @tescomobile @AFC_Dan1 I would also like to enter... hope u like it xx- Kealan 💋

18.09.2020 13:44:34
Twitter bazely2354

@bazely2354 @tescomobile Transferred it to Three, they basically keep saying to keep trying their chat on their site, which nev…

18.09.2020 13:24:33
Twitter ReadWritten

@ReadWritten @tescomobile Hey, I want to check my phone contract/warranty, as it is stuck in a reboot loop, but I can't log in w…

18.09.2020 13:21:56
Twitter welshwiz1

@welshwiz1 @tescomobile I have been charged £4.50 i think for a scam text I only opened. Is there a number I can call to…

18.09.2020 12:25:27
Twitter MrsJJ06

@MrsJJ06 @tescomobile Would be nice if I'll be able to use my mobile data whenever I want.Not whenever Tesco Mobile will let…

18.09.2020 11:10:35
Twitter CameraGuyLuke

@CameraGuyLuke @NatashaSHenry @VOXI_UK @tescomobile will check those out thank you!

18.09.2020 10:51:50
Twitter NatashaSHenry

@NatashaSHenry @CameraGuyLuke I'm on EE but heard 3's sim-only deals were alright. If it's perks your after, maybe look at @VOXI_UK or @tescomobile.

18.09.2020 10:47:04
Twitter MrsJJ06

@MrsJJ06 @tescomobile Been with Tesco Mobile about 5 years now. Price for what I use is good. Mobile Data signal is terrible…

18.09.2020 05:53:28
Twitter Cluckykaz

@Cluckykaz @tescomobile I visited your Tesco Extra Westwood Broadstairs Wednesday & social distancing needs improving. I had t…

18.09.2020 05:28:19
Twitter Graceosborne_19

@Graceosborne_19 When you send your phone away to get it fixed pay £80 and get it back and they havent even fixed the problem 😡😡😡 cheers @tescomobile

17.09.2020 20:07:17
Twitter AFC_Dan1

@AFC_Dan1 @tescomobile Also Callum any chance on a phone upgrade

17.09.2020 19:56:43
Twitter lfchenryy

@lfchenryy @tescomobile @IceColdTony_ @AFC_Dan1 gimme some extra data rob- thanks x

17.09.2020 19:55:46
Twitter bazely2354

@bazely2354 @tescomobile I would but it's pointless because the issue is that the PAC code somehow transferred but didn't, then…

17.09.2020 19:51:12
Twitter KateAsh75

@KateAsh75 @tescomobile Well I can’t get through on this chat as everyone is busy. Don’t understand why you can’t just correct…

17.09.2020 18:55:40
Twitter MrsM_SENTA_EY

@MrsM_SENTA_EY @tescomobile Really Brizean spoke to me on your live chat

17.09.2020 18:04:02
Twitter KimMcMonster

@KimMcMonster @tescomobile 😔 sad times. Thanks for the reply 👍👍

17.09.2020 17:24:28
Twitter AFC_Dan1

@AFC_Dan1 @Russell40Wendy @tescomobile Oi Wendy don’t get rude to Rob

17.09.2020 16:09:56
Twitter AFC_Dan1

@AFC_Dan1 @tescomobile Frame it if you like - Stan x

17.09.2020 16:06:49
Twitter natgrin88

@natgrin88 @tescomobile seems pretty ridiculous that you can't get a contract with them unless you have a drivers license! and…

17.09.2020 14:52:18
Twitter AFC_Dan1

@AFC_Dan1 @tescomobile Callum of course I am - Stan x

17.09.2020 14:42:11
Twitter KimMcMonster

@KimMcMonster Hi @tescomobile any plans to support @apple watch...? Please? 🙂

17.09.2020 14:31:35
Twitter Paul_Reviews

@Paul_Reviews @tescomobile Do you have an email address for management/concern team please Callum?

17.09.2020 14:07:52
Twitter Russell40Wendy

@Russell40Wendy @tescomobile how long do I have to wait for you to reply to my emails? Two sent in last 2 weeks via website contact us! and nothing!

17.09.2020 13:13:07
Twitter Megan_Cliff0rd

@Megan_Cliff0rd @tescomobile Yes, I came here a few months ago and it worked

17.09.2020 13:12:20
Twitter TraceyProut5

@TraceyProut5 RT @alcatelmobileuk: The Alcatel 1 is packed with premium features and finished with a sleek design all for under £50! What are you waiting…

17.09.2020 13:09:34
Twitter AndrewBloch

@AndrewBloch Well played @TescoMobile

10.09.2020 14:33:01