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Blackout 50%
Mobile internet 50%

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About Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a telecommunications provider operating in the UK as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. Managed by the retail chain Tesco, the mobile services are offered using the O2 network in the country. Tesco provides voicemail services and calls-waiting in their voice packages. 4G services were added to the service with no additional charges from the year 2014.

Tesco Mobile was founded in 2003 by the Tesco retail chain. By the year 2017, Tesco Mobile became a joint venture with 50% operations under Tesco’s blanket and 50% handled by Telefonica via their O2 subsidiary.

Customer support services for Tesco Mobile users with any service problems or outages are handled by O2 Communications Limited. Technical assistance is outsourced to LucidCK. The Tesco website offers a comprehensive self-help forum as the first step in case your services are down. To speak to a customer support executive directly, dial 4455 from a Tesco phone or call 345-301-4455 from other phones.

Live reports

Twitter burningfury247

@burningfury247 @tescomobile your site has been down for about 2 weeks now, cannot access my account, keeps showing "This page isn't working"

12.07.2020 15:15:29
Twitter Ryan_Wink_

@Ryan_Wink_ @tescomobile I have gone into chat and I havent had a response in over 30 mins?

12.07.2020 15:14:25
Twitter LizB13

@LizB13 @tescomobile Tried, but was diverted straight through to feedback without 'chatting to anyone. Two negative experiences out of two.

12.07.2020 14:28:34
Twitter tom_edwards89

@tom_edwards89 @tescomobile It’s the same with my partner too. She’s also on Tesco and when I ring her straight to voicemail most of the time

12.07.2020 14:21:58
Twitter Mriahu46

@Mriahu46 @tescomobile Thankyou it came on about an hour ago.

12.07.2020 14:14:51
Twitter Ryan_Wink_

@Ryan_Wink_ @tescomobile Hi, I needed to pay my most outstanding bill to get my services back but the auto pay line has paid th…

12.07.2020 13:46:32
Twitter EvaBoal

@EvaBoal @tescomobile Afternoon have great Sunday and keep up the great work ☕🍰🍪🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫😊🍫😊

12.07.2020 12:27:12
Twitter OwenEvenden

@OwenEvenden @tescomobile To save any hassle will call in at Ashford on Wednesday, buy direct from the shop? Free screen protec…

12.07.2020 11:42:06
Twitter LizB13

@LizB13 Having a really slow online chat with Mansi @tescomobile which is leaving me more confused than when I started. I…

12.07.2020 11:37:51
Twitter tom_edwards89

@tom_edwards89 @tescomobile Everywhere apparently. Partner tries to ring the normally and has to use FaceTime audio etc. I can make calls fine

12.07.2020 10:57:04
Twitter jmasters7649

@jmasters7649 RT @murder_words: Meanwhile, on Planet @tescomobile, the conditions are intensely snarky with a windchill of ice cold clapback. https://t.c…

12.07.2020 09:32:50
Twitter yclark18

@yclark18 @tescomobile ordered new SIM for my elderly mum last Saturday. Still not arrived. Please advise.

12.07.2020 09:30:53
Twitter JadonSZN

@JadonSZN @tescomobile @kevinPDwilson Hey mate, my whole family use the elite Tesco mobile .. follow back from the best?

12.07.2020 09:06:03
Twitter gorfram

@gorfram RT @murder_words: Meanwhile, on Planet @tescomobile, the conditions are intensely snarky with a windchill of ice cold clapback. https://t.c…

12.07.2020 08:47:31
Twitter LondonOntarioCA

@LondonOntarioCA RT @KimmiBob123: @tescomobile River Thames London Ontario. View from my house ☺ #ChallengeAccepted

11.07.2020 23:12:24
Twitter SloggettRyan

@SloggettRyan @tescomobile due to issues it seems with your computer system i was unable to get a contract phone this is my secon…

11.07.2020 23:07:23
Twitter SloggettRyan

@SloggettRyan @tescomobile i've been trying for the past 2 days to get a phone contract from you but each time i do i'm told the…

11.07.2020 21:16:16
Twitter iHeartKea

@iHeartKea RT @murder_words: Meanwhile, on Planet @tescomobile, the conditions are intensely snarky with a windchill of ice cold clapback. https://t.c…

11.07.2020 19:18:14
Twitter Mriahu46

@Mriahu46 @tescomobile i received my new phone 2 days ago and sim is still not activated with my old number. I have spoken wi…

11.07.2020 19:12:50
Twitter RobLottPhoto

@RobLottPhoto RT @tescomobile: @RobLottPhoto @denisewriter1 @EE We're ready! Let's do this.

11.07.2020 18:34:04
Twitter murder_words

@murder_words Meanwhile, on Planet @tescomobile, the conditions are intensely snarky with a windchill of ice cold clapback.

11.07.2020 18:29:37
Twitter OwenEvenden

@OwenEvenden Went to @tescomobile Folkestone yesterday. Couldn’t get what we wanted. Last night ordered the iPhone 6s twice via…

11.07.2020 17:52:29
Twitter EvaBoal

@EvaBoal @tescomobile have a great weekend all ☕🍰🍪🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫😊

11.07.2020 17:38:12
Twitter AnklemanJoe

@AnklemanJoe @tescomobile I have attempted twice to join you online today, at final stage an error 100 appears and asks me to ca…

11.07.2020 16:16:40
Twitter tom_edwards89

@tom_edwards89 Hey @tescomobile my phone won’t receive calls and sends them straight to voicemail. Reset phone and network setting…

11.07.2020 15:58:14
Twitter eviexix

@eviexix @tescomobile i need to move my number from my old contract in my parents name to my new contract in my name but was…

11.07.2020 15:42:41
Twitter mariehumphrey14

@mariehumphrey14 @tescomobile Everywhere is selling it for £419 just tesco are the highest price ??

11.07.2020 11:28:33
Twitter marydh3_mary

@marydh3_mary @tescomobile been over a week without service now, due to a faulty mast. Getting ridiculous now

11.07.2020 11:27:52
Twitter NiamhRo08556299

@NiamhRo08556299 RT @AndyField_07: @tescomobile Hi, my mum is having issues with her contract with you. She is in her 70’s and cannot get through on the pho…

11.07.2020 10:09:17
Twitter RobLottPhoto

@RobLottPhoto @tescomobile @denisewriter1 Hey @tescomobile, time for that cuppa, we’ve finally escaped the shackles of @EE and jo…

11.07.2020 09:09:57