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Gavin 4 months ago
My Phone Has Gone Now 37 Times In The Last 3 Days It's Annoying GET FIXED IMMEDIATLY AlWAYS IN THE MORNINg OR IN & AROUND 2pm La158LX Dalton In Furness Cunbria

Leo 8 months ago
Completely lost network. No SMS. No calls. No internet. Just completely down. Will restart phone later. Has been fine all day until just now.

bob 8 months ago
We have had ongoing problems with Tesco mobiles for the last three weeks. It has been impossible to make any calls.Just to make it worse we often get a signal for a minute or two in the morning but before we can make a call, we get cut off again, I think this months charges should be cancelled. We are currently looking elsewhere as their service is dreadful.

Emma 11 months ago
Had no signal for 4 days now all calls going straight to voice mail can't make calls calls dropping out daughter on tesco hers is just as bad ????????????

Maria 11 months ago
Can't make calls or recieve calls. For 48 hours now

Natasha 1 year ago
Worst network ever. Never got a signal. I have important client business calls and can’t make them due to this

Anne Majury 1 year ago
Have had no mobile phone access and unable to text since early yesterday morning, semi disabled & numerous health problems so can't be without a phone. had to go out and buy a phone for my landline. Phoned Tesco mobile helpline who were absolutely no help at all. Will be looking into changing my supplier

Melvin 1 year ago
Cumbernauld Glasgow G68 Reported no signal in numerous areas around Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch on 25th November. Phoned customer service for up date 4 weeks later as no improvement, was told mast at Mosswater Nature Reserve was faulty and engineers working on problem. Had to call customer service again yesterday as it had not resolved, despite the text updates stating the issue was fixed. I managed to get £20 off my bill for last 2 months, not much I know for a shitty service but I'm going to leave Tesco and look at voxi (Vodafone) I had to buy a pay as u go SIM from them and the signal hasn't faltered. If you're affected, get onto them and demand compensation.

Jeanette Godiff 1 year ago
I have had problems recieving&making calls sincecwed ,i get wassap but i need my pho e working when im coming home from my late shift at work ,have tried everything they suggest ,turning phone on/off cleaning it checking mobile data on

Jeanette Godiff 1 year ago
M44 6ar

Janet 2 years ago
No signals for a month now Ex238gb

Janet 2 years ago
I have had no mobile signal since The end of February ,keep saying mast needs a new part in my area and have moved the dates every week we are no looking at 31/3/2022, this is now fourth new dates we have been given both my phone and my husbands have no signal at all can’t make all or receive calls can not order any shopping or goods if I use a computer to order anything I still need my phone to give me a code to enter as this is the new way of security checks when paying on line , it’s getting ridiculous. Now ,get your act together please banks and doctors can not get in touch with us,

Peter 2 years ago
Can not use Internet on phone all I get is h or h+ no 4g or 5g sp10 5hu

Vivienne Smart 2 years ago
No consistent signal now since 7/02/22. All phones in house not working. Told mast under repair. Now works intermittently. Gone again. Need to make important medical calls - cannot!! Lichfield

Ron Smih 2 years ago
No Signal so far today. WS137HD Lichfield

Susan Gurney 2 years ago
No text or call service since late morning - showing Invalid Sim

Ria 2 years ago
Unable to make any phone calls or send text messages SS8 9eg canvey island essex

Kathy Saban 2 years ago
I have no mobile network today, since 9:30. Tried turning it on and off nothing DT 11 0NA Blandford

Julia wigger 2 years ago
So237nz winchester

Michele 2 years ago
FK3 - mobile network not available. Have WiFi. No useful help from Tesco



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