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Internet 83%
TV 17%

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About TalkTalk

TalkTalk Telecom Group is a British company operating in the telecommunications, television and mobile industries. Founded in the year 2003 by Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk became an independent entity in 2010. It is only the second company to offer quad-play services that include broadband, mobile, TV and phone services.

TalkTalk owns an exchange infrastructure called LLU or local loop unbundling that has unbundled 92% of its users in 2012. TalkTalk has been at the center of a few controversies related to services being down, telephone slamming, and other problems. As recent as 2016, TalkTalk was hit by a malware infection that caused a nationwide outage of internet services.

The company has been trying to win its way back into the good graces of the market in recent years. It remains to be seen how well it manages to do so. For queries or concerns, contact the TalkTalk customer support team at 0345-172-0088 from any TalkTalk phone free of charge.

Live reports

Twitter mandywongclark

@mandywongclark @TalkTalk Sent a tweet last night, still waiting for a reply!

08.08.2020 08:12:09
Twitter TitmarshDave

@TitmarshDave @TalkTalk In essex no internet since Wednesday And can get through to them. Going to change provider

08.08.2020 08:03:58
Twitter tquick79

@tquick79 @olipoole @WeAreOpenreach See @TalkTalk this is actually a problem for many residents and has been going on for yea…

08.08.2020 06:16:00
Twitter Bryn_Rattray

@Bryn_Rattray @TalkTalk Well done @TalkTalk my internet came back after just 11hrs down with piss all help from you or any update…

08.08.2020 05:55:15
Twitter jamil15__

@jamil15__ @TalkTalk you have the best wifi 👀👀👀

08.08.2020 02:05:42
Twitter dgc_88

@dgc_88 @TalkTalk my Internet has been off since Friday morning, all your server tests say it is fine and no issues reporte…

08.08.2020 01:05:12
Twitter _AnnoyingAshley

@_AnnoyingAshley @LooneyHoon__ @TalkTalk @TalkTalkGroup Yeh man talk talk I know when my mum was with them they are shite

07.08.2020 23:28:38
Twitter TimTimcrane

@TimTimcrane @TalkTalk how do I go about taking advantage of the offer below for the WiFi hub at £30?

07.08.2020 23:14:17
Twitter pamela_cafc

@pamela_cafc @TalkTalk hi my Internet has been intermittent for 2 days. Going off for long periods. I pay for super fast fibre.…

07.08.2020 22:26:00
Twitter CoCoJenxo

@CoCoJenxo @goldenlattie @TalkTalk Selective’s then I guess

07.08.2020 21:58:38
Twitter goldenlattie

@goldenlattie @CoCoJenxo @TalkTalk Now now don’t bully talk talk they do me justice

07.08.2020 21:56:29
Twitter Harry_Warrender

@Harry_Warrender @TalkTalk get ur shit together

07.08.2020 21:15:01
Twitter DPC123

@DPC123 Woo hoo @TalkTalk yet another issue with these guys. The remote doesn't want to do 'down' or 'back' or 'delete' any…

07.08.2020 21:10:03
Twitter nunuotp

@nunuotp @TalkTalk good internet thx

07.08.2020 21:08:10
Twitter CoCoJenxo

@CoCoJenxo @slattsade @TalkTalk Stupid WiFi kmt

07.08.2020 21:03:45
Twitter emmadonovanXx

@emmadonovanXx @TalkTalk Thanks for all your help. My brother and I screamed when it came back on 😂 have a good night!

07.08.2020 20:55:16
Twitter neuroslam

@neuroslam @TalkTalk Look g like up now at 2150. Go talktalk, impressive 9 hour resolution.

07.08.2020 20:54:33
Twitter say_raa

@say_raa @marian_standen @TalkTalk You have 14 days to get out of contract with no fees

07.08.2020 20:48:17
Twitter CoCoJenxo

@CoCoJenxo Having to use my own data In my own house should be illegal. @TalkTalk fix up 😡

07.08.2020 20:48:12
Twitter marian_standen

@marian_standen @say_raa @TalkTalk They said I was out of cooling off period

07.08.2020 20:45:52
Twitter abu_idrees

@abu_idrees @TalkTalk My broadband is not working cant contact anyone!!!!! Very annoying. Contact numbers says lines are too bu…

07.08.2020 20:24:27
Twitter aGasRat

@aGasRat @TalkTalk Thank you

07.08.2020 20:23:02
Twitter aGasRat

@aGasRat @TalkTalk Thank you

07.08.2020 20:22:40
Twitter leeerox

@leeerox @TalkTalk Internet gone again in Highcliffe Christchurch. People are relying on this service to work from home

07.08.2020 20:18:00
Twitter Doogie01543399

@Doogie01543399 @TalkTalk why if I have faster fibre am I only getting 2mb DL?

07.08.2020 20:14:04
Twitter aGasRat

@aGasRat @TalkTalk Here till 10, aye?

07.08.2020 20:07:43
Twitter AytenKiremitci

@AytenKiremitci @TalkTalk North London and no internet! Any updates talktalk?

07.08.2020 20:04:34
Twitter richiow

@richiow @TalkTalk Hi, will we be getting a £5 movie token this month?

07.08.2020 20:01:32
Twitter richiow

@richiow @srichards182 @TalkTalk Have had the same issue recently in the last few weeks, not often, but noticeable..

07.08.2020 19:59:46
Twitter shaynemair

@shaynemair @TalkTalk connection in Aberdeen down (9mb speeds instead of a garanteed min 45)

07.08.2020 19:56:29