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Common Problems are:

Internet 71%
Something else 8%
Phone 5%
SMS 5%
No network 5%
TV 3%
Voicemail 2%

Affected Cities:

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk Telecom Group is a British company operating in the telecommunications, television and mobile industries. Founded in the year 2003 by Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk became an independent entity in 2010. It is only the second company to offer quad-play services that include broadband, mobile, TV and phone services.

TalkTalk owns an exchange infrastructure called LLU or local loop unbundling that has unbundled 92% of its users in 2012. TalkTalk has been at the center of a few controversies related to services being down, telephone slamming, and other problems. As recent as 2016, TalkTalk was hit by a malware infection that caused a nationwide outage of internet services.

The company has been trying to win its way back into the good graces of the market in recent years. It remains to be seen how well it manages to do so. For queries or concerns, contact the TalkTalk customer support team at 0345-172-0088 from any TalkTalk phone free of charge.

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