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Jon White 3 months ago
No BT Mobile Data on some devices but not all in Stevenage SG1 1XW. Have called BT they are aware but are not able to fix currently. Only affecting some accounts. Was told just to wait!

Kiundae 3 months ago
Milton Keynes, MK1FZ, no internet since this morning.

Richard 3 months ago
Yes, rebooted my router and all good now. OSWESTRY. Thanks everyone for posts.

Rog 3 months ago
Try rebooting your phone now. I think they have fixed an account issue on their systems, as the latest reboot fixed it for me

Roy 3 months ago
No mobile data. BT not answering any calls due to ongoing issues. Macclesfield

Steve 3 months ago
I've had no mobile data connectivity since this morning both in Colchester and London. When is this going to be fixed??

Abarth71 3 months ago
No 5G/mobile data since early this morning. Kent/SE London

Alamin 3 months ago
North London / Central London - no data on BT Mobile - both 5G & 4G.

ETurner 4 months ago
No data all morning in Edinburgh city

Joanne 4 months ago
No data at all this morning, Thurso (north of scotland)

Ricardo 4 months ago
What a great feature! No calls or data in West London...

Alex 4 months ago
No mobile data in Essex since this morning

Sarah 4 months ago
No BT mobile data in Birmingham either

Richard 4 months ago
No data service on my BT mobile router since I tried 08:30. Was showing 4G service but now owning up to no service. I reported and they confirmed a major problem. My EE service from same mast all OK. OSWESTRY Wales border area.

Richard 4 months ago
No BT mobile data in Leicester since early this morning

Lyn Harte 4 months ago
Mobile data not working aggghhh and I need it! Stamford, Lincs.

Rog 4 months ago
No mobile data in Reading since earlier this morning

Joe Paramore 4 months ago
Bt mobile data down in Sheffield

Ian Goodhead 4 months ago
No BT 4g network in Burton upon Trent since 01:00 20/02/24

Matt 4 months ago
4G Showing but absolutely 0 connection in Leeds and Hull this morning



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