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About BT

BT Mobile is a subsidiary of the BT Group operating as a mobile virtual network operator in the UK. Founded in early 2015, BT Mobile provides services to users via a combination of the EE mobile network and its own BT spectrum. BT Mobile’s 4G network has a coverage of over 95% in the country, with 3G services at 98%.

The BT Mobile banner offers a range of services. These include 3G and 4G mobile, Wi-Fi calling, 4G calling, voicemail, and an add-on service called extra speed 4G. Users can also avail of parental control functionality at no extra charge. BT Mobile offers a £5 discount on monthly mobile plans for users who have a BT Broadband connection.

To check for outages in the area due to which mobile services may go down, visit the BT Mobile web page. For other problems with the BT Mobile services, reach out to their customer support at 800-800-150 from any phone in the UK. You can also dial 150 directly from your BT Mobile phone.

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Twitter lamonttelford

@lamonttelford she sat through bt 2, 3 and dead silence, but not afraid of heights :(

at 02.03.2021 23:40:24
Twitter ItsAdamtastic

@ItsAdamtastic @BT Nicely scooped up 🥳

at 02.03.2021 23:06:58
Twitter UnlockedCPU

@UnlockedCPU @BT Wish I had money.

at 02.03.2021 22:46:31
Twitter UnlockedCPU

@UnlockedCPU @BT Smaller creators who do this as a hobby ?

at 02.03.2021 22:27:38
Twitter OwlThor

@OwlThor @BT What up BT!!!!

at 02.03.2021 22:23:25
Twitter DemetriCampbell

@DemetriCampbell @BT @TopWazza This is a lot of what excites me about cryptocurrency. If we had a coin that allowed you to exchange…

at 02.03.2021 22:22:32
Twitter monosynth

@monosynth @BT and you're cool with this?

at 02.03.2021 22:16:26
Twitter diskdrive

@diskdrive @BT Always created music because I can. That’s probably why I failed miserably lol :)

at 02.03.2021 22:15:48
Twitter orphan_crypto

@orphan_crypto @iamlirona @BT @rariblecom god. @BT was always so cool. now he has a #boi. has he gotten cooler?

at 02.03.2021 22:13:29
Twitter iamlirona

@iamlirona @BT got my fav designer#boi - it's time to swap profile pics now 👀🥰 #rarible #ethereum…

at 02.03.2021 22:00:37
Twitter charlesdailey

@charlesdailey @BT @elonmusk Minister of Music

at 02.03.2021 21:36:30
Twitter patrickcrowd

@patrickcrowd @SonikBuster @BT In ClubHouse :-)

at 02.03.2021 21:24:43
Twitter DangerLass

@DangerLass @BT @elonmusk Plz. @BT for sheriff

at 02.03.2021 21:07:54
Twitter TranceAttack

@TranceAttack #NowPlaying... @BT - Never Odd or Even (@Grummmusic Remix)! #TranceFamily #TranceAttack #WeLoveTrance

at 02.03.2021 21:00:47
Twitter DJBlakeCard

@DJBlakeCard @BT Easy. Delete social media, don’t rely on privileged entertainment and make music

at 02.03.2021 20:42:58
Twitter Flekor

@Flekor 21. @BT Feat. @emhewitt - No Warning Lights (@SeanTyas Remix) [@BlackHoleRec] in #AirTrance 397 @PlayTranceRadio #TranceFamily

at 02.03.2021 20:34:33
Twitter gusrogers

@gusrogers @BT @ryanfi7zgerald Most likely looking at profits. Artist should always be able to evolve, the next project could…

at 02.03.2021 20:33:01
Twitter ATr0jan

@ATr0jan .@bstategames Can we get a QoL update so when we open the add item on the Flea nothing is selected I just fucked up…

at 02.03.2021 20:26:21
Twitter gusrogers

@gusrogers @BT your latest album is on constant repeat. Truly amazing sonic soundscape. Just enquiring, is there any plans t…

at 02.03.2021 20:12:09
Twitter Jakester2705

@Jakester2705 @joinClubhouse is a truly unique place. Who would have thought I'd discuss law surrounding NFT's with an MIT scient…

at 02.03.2021 20:08:05
Twitter Gary4W

@Gary4W Hi @ASA_UK I would like to make complaint about the @BT advert featuring "Paula" - there is a strong implication th…

at 02.03.2021 20:01:49
Twitter SfwGreg

@SfwGreg @BT @LuisANavia @noowaveco @andrewcyu Let’s go!!!

at 02.03.2021 19:47:10
Twitter MeridianKoi

@MeridianKoi @BT @WARHODL Straight up limit myself to discord, email and twitter on the side of text messages and phone calls. I…

at 02.03.2021 19:33:16
Twitter TheRamMusic

@TheRamMusic @BT It’s here, it’s now.

at 02.03.2021 19:25:30
Twitter Flekor

@Flekor 06. @BT - Wildfire (Original Mix) [@BlackHoleRec] in #AirTrance 397 @PlayTranceRadio #TranceFamily

at 02.03.2021 19:23:19
Twitter gdcross

@gdcross @OpenreachHelp @BT why have you come along at 4pm, cut down a pole serving many customers, including some elderly w…

at 02.03.2021 19:20:27
Twitter care4_someone

@care4_someone RT @chinyokaP: Feeling excited to be a speaker at the @BT #IWD2021 event on 8 March, focus will be on Covid-19 & impact on women. The pande…

at 02.03.2021 18:55:40
Twitter Care_forSomeone

@Care_forSomeone RT @chinyokaP: Feeling excited to be a speaker at the @BT #IWD2021 event on 8 March, focus will be on Covid-19 & impact on women. The pande…

at 02.03.2021 18:55:12
Twitter WomenofZimbabwe

@WomenofZimbabwe RT @chinyokaP: Feeling excited to be a speaker at the @BT #IWD2021 event on 8 March, focus will be on Covid-19 & impact on women. The pande…

at 02.03.2021 18:54:55
Twitter asot

@asot To celebrate the launch of the music video for their collaboration 'Here', @realmaorlevi, @bt & Nation Of One are t…

at 24.02.2021 22:00:00