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Vic 1 month ago
Internet and voice calls down co14

Annoyed bob 1 month ago
Fibre down co15

Ray 1 month ago
Internet down. Exeter, EX4

Juan 1 month ago
Eh7 edinburgh, two days without internet so far and no answers

Linz 2 months ago
Internet blow out since thunder and lightning storm hub not even coming on now sky tv working either

Cade 2 months ago
CR0 postcode, internet has been down for over 24 hours. Please fix ASAP!

Máíre 2 months ago
Nw64bf no broadband

Simon 3 months ago
Ln4 Lincoln sky down mobile and Internet. Time to change

Elyis Hill 3 months ago
Sky Internet has been down in Croydon, CR0 postcode since this morning around 10am, it is now 3pm

Glenn 3 months ago
Broadband been down for over an hour now PO12 Gosport not good enough ! I need the bandwidth for work !

Jo 3 months ago
ML2 area sky internet completely down all day.

Sally 3 months ago
No internet after bad weather/storm since early Morning still nothing November 2nd 2023 please get this sorted kids need to do their school work on line.

Lee 3 months ago
No internet... I've tried all reconnecting and nothing since Tuesday night/early morning. CR3 area

Miffed 3 months ago
In the middle of an Episode of Devious Maids. Grrr. Signal just dropped. Tried all the troubleshooting. I'm going to bed!!!!!! B33 8LD

Martin holland 4 months ago
Wn21sd aspull sky broadband and telephone been down since Monday 1pm still not fixed it

EC 4 months ago
NG17 I never had any problems until about three weeks ago. Now I get intermittent service with outages about 12 times a day. I will be changing supplier if this carries on. I won’t wait until the contract is up to change, my statutory rights say I am entitled to a product that works . If it’s fault I can return it, no quibble.

1nitin1 4 months ago
B38 8TB, Birmingham. Sky Mobile, totally fed up with Sky Mobile and whoever provides their network, at least twice a week we have no service. For the money spent, very disappointed

Paddyk 5 months ago
WN5 0HH ,Internet goes down at least 1/2 times a week for a few hours mainly late night early hours.Not everyone works normal office hours.New provider as soon as contract up.

Kirsty 5 months ago
Sorry I didnt write the area on my last message it's Nottinghamshire DN22 area

Kirsty 5 months ago
Woke up this morning yet again no Internet and I have sky glass so its messed up my TV so that ain't working either getting sick of this as it's second time in a week


About Sky

Sky UK is a telecommunications company operating in the UK and is owned by Comcast. Previously known by the name BSkyB or British Sky Broadcasting Limited, the company came into existence in the year 1994.

Sky UK is the biggest company offering paid TV broadcasting services, with over 12 million customers currently using the service. Sky also offers fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services in the UK. Sky UK’s Multichannels and Sky Digital are among the most popular TV subscription-based services in the UK. Sky’s mobile network has a 99% coverage across the country, with flexible monthly plans and subscriptions. Sky Mobile, a subsidiary of Sky UK, began sales of mobile handsets in 2017.

The Sky UK website offers a whole range of support options for users facing problems with the services. The site also displays details about outages in your area if any. If your network or service is still down after checking the online portal, reach out to Sky UK mobile support at 333-759-1252.


Outage history

Reported outages on 29.02.2024:
There were a total of 5 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham
Reported outages on 28.02.2024:
There were a total of 28 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Luton
Reported outages on 27.02.2024:
There were a total of 10 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Leeds, Southampton, Coventry
Reported outages on 26.02.2024:
There were a total of 6 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: Basingstoke, Birmingham
Reported outages on 25.02.2024:
There were a total of 4 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: Birmingham, London
Reported outages on 24.02.2024:
There were a total of 9 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: Leeds, London
Reported outages on 23.02.2024:
There were a total of 4 outages at Sky. The most frequently affected cities were: Newark on Trent, London, Birmingham

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