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About Sky

Sky UK is a telecommunications company operating in the UK and is owned by Comcast. Previously known by the name BSkyB or British Sky Broadcasting Limited, the company came into existence in the year 1994.

Sky UK is the biggest company offering paid TV broadcasting services, with over 12 million customers currently using the service. Sky also offers fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services in the UK. Sky UK’s Multichannels and Sky Digital are among the most popular TV subscription-based services in the UK. Sky’s mobile network has a 99% coverage across the country, with flexible monthly plans and subscriptions. Sky Mobile, a subsidiary of Sky UK, began sales of mobile handsets in 2017.

The Sky UK website offers a whole range of support options for users facing problems with the services. The site also displays details about outages in your area if any. If your network or service is still down after checking the online portal, reach out to Sky UK mobile support at 333-759-1252.

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