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About Sky

Sky UK is a telecommunications company operating in the UK and is owned by Comcast. Previously known by the name BSkyB or British Sky Broadcasting Limited, the company came into existence in the year 1994.

Sky UK is the biggest company offering paid TV broadcasting services, with over 12 million customers currently using the service. Sky also offers fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services in the UK. Sky UK’s Multichannels and Sky Digital are among the most popular TV subscription-based services in the UK. Sky’s mobile network has a 99% coverage across the country, with flexible monthly plans and subscriptions. Sky Mobile, a subsidiary of Sky UK, began sales of mobile handsets in 2017.

The Sky UK website offers a whole range of support options for users facing problems with the services. The site also displays details about outages in your area if any. If your network or service is still down after checking the online portal, reach out to Sky UK mobile support at 333-759-1252.

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Twitter LimitzR6

@LimitzR6 What daft cunt thinks it’s smart to fly a drone about at this time?? Tbf it’s probably @Sky after me for abusing them on the phone earlier.

at 02.03.2021 22:59:29
Twitter won__sky

@won__sky RT @min9yu_tttop: “boss 26 more servings of meat here!” cheol posted this before his surprise vlive :((((( @pledis_17…

at 02.03.2021 22:36:54
Twitter 22_chollo

@22_chollo RT @_Zaskully: Can’t wait to tear the sky down for someone 😰

at 02.03.2021 22:24:10
Twitter Manii_sky

@Manii_sky RT @ymgaIIery: i'm sad :(

at 02.03.2021 22:23:27
Twitter _Zaskully

@_Zaskully Can’t wait to tear the sky down for someone 😰

at 02.03.2021 22:21:38
Twitter xboxyoda

@xboxyoda Minecraft Battle Royale, instead of a ring closing the map it shrinks from the sky down. You need to race to the bo…

at 02.03.2021 22:13:36
Twitter ihaveDlD

@ihaveDlD @b100_0 *looking at you from the sky* >:(

at 02.03.2021 22:09:20
Twitter sky_gorl

@sky_gorl @honkkarl its ok karl :( super excited!

at 02.03.2021 21:34:40
Twitter Aloysius2012

@Aloysius2012 RT @Nolanhattrick: @KayBurley Are you still allowed to use the name of @sky when they’ve placed you on the naughty step for six months.

at 02.03.2021 20:59:06
Twitter eygeezlouise

@eygeezlouise the sky today 🥺 its doesnt look as good on camera as it did irl :(

at 02.03.2021 20:45:27
Twitter nicfegan

@nicfegan a bird you would've liked brought the sky down, but it was useless to see it without you around

at 02.03.2021 20:38:25
Twitter sky_hongjnini

@sky_hongjnini RT @mingilights: the way mingi giggled so cutely over the phone 💔.. i’m just picturing him showing that pretty gummy smile of his and his c…

at 02.03.2021 20:04:29
Twitter MAnneAmbrose1

@MAnneAmbrose1 @StirlingBlue1 @afneil @BBCNews @piersmorgan @sky @Channel4News Probably...yes. Sturgeon worships EU. BBC are Remai…

at 02.03.2021 20:03:17
Twitter StirlingBlue1

@StirlingBlue1 @afneil How come only Andrew Neil and the Spectator done any proper journalism to expose this? The likes of the…

at 02.03.2021 19:52:43
Twitter bitter_sky

@bitter_sky Hey, why the long face? :(

at 02.03.2021 19:52:16
Twitter AllieCowley6

@AllieCowley6 @serpent_sky Thats so awful :( 💖💖💖

at 02.03.2021 19:50:59
Twitter neilzarac

@neilzarac @sky Pre match analysis absolutely spot on about #Rovers

at 02.03.2021 19:48:49
Twitter HisHollowFlames

@HisHollowFlames @k0k0shi_TheOc The man continued to stand there, staring off into the night sky. If the man was able to cry he woul…

at 02.03.2021 19:40:12
Twitter genesisnotfound

@genesisnotfound no bc my best friend that moved away told me to listen to "big bowl in the sky" by cavetown :(( i'm sad now 🥲

at 02.03.2021 19:39:25
Twitter ad_1980

@ad_1980 @SkyHelpTeam @sky please provide us with a contact number so we can contact you - we are still having issues with our mini Sky boxes

at 02.03.2021 19:38:56
Twitter sky_tyong

@sky_tyong @_jeanie_jeanie_ Why is it a hard concept for these people to just keep their fucking mouths shut ;-;;;; I'm so :(((

at 02.03.2021 19:17:31
Twitter jeffsouter91

@jeffsouter91 @Rain20_Sky Sure buddy you seem very nice and were both autistic adults who love Nintendo games and daisy I think :…

at 02.03.2021 19:06:17
Twitter pabakz

@pabakz @VirtualAstro Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy after being 100% blue sky earlier :-(

at 02.03.2021 19:02:19
Twitter leesunfelix

@leesunfelix "the sky han been really beautiful these days, thank you being able to live with me under it" :( @Stray_Kids

at 02.03.2021 19:00:24
Twitter beckybags

@beckybags @realdoll03 The same lady has already seen T and he found her too much :( I paid for a private OT assessment also…

at 02.03.2021 18:40:19
Twitter Plutos_Sky

@Plutos_Sky RT @mingilights: mingi is getting better and doing well, that’s all that matters :(( i’m so proud of him he’s such an incredible person htt…

at 02.03.2021 18:39:34
Twitter _lachimolala_29

@_lachimolala_29 RT @dailyoonjins: yoongi looking at the drones in the sky at the sy final concert in seoul and then showing it to seokjin too, he's so cute…

at 02.03.2021 18:36:10
Twitter Plutos_Sky

@Plutos_Sky RT @mingilights: the way mingi giggled so cutely over the phone 💔.. i’m just picturing him showing that pretty gummy smile of his and his c…

at 02.03.2021 18:29:01
Twitter randayboo

@randayboo foolish playing the l'manberg anthem in front of his tommy statue while the rain is falling from the sky... it was…

at 02.03.2021 18:20:00
Twitter Rubenmorales05

@Rubenmorales05 I was hot as hell out in the heat, then a storm came in and saved my life, head up to the sky, down on my knees, ou…

at 02.03.2021 18:17:13