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John Avatar

Internet down just after midnight. Not yet back at 1:20am High wycombe.

1 week ago
Claire Avatar

Broadband is out and no way to contact them as customer service bis only open office hours.

1 week ago
Jane Avatar

CV10 Nuneaton. Internet dropped 15 mins ago. Happening quite often at the moment

1 week ago
Alan Avatar

I'm with onestream broadband and I've got learning disabilities and I've been without Internet for 5 days now... What annoys me is this company doesn't open on a weekend... avoid at all cost. SO40 9FH SOUTHAMPTON

3 weeks ago
Lee walsh  Avatar

Lee walsh
I'm a carer for my dad iv rang my isp they sent someone out from bt but they said it's fine , but still my Internet cuts of all day works for an hour the that red light cums on I reset the router an the same again I'm deffo going with someone else as this service is proper shit.

3 weeks ago
Nick Avatar

DA1 Crayford - internet has been down since midday, sometimes returns for a minute or so. The service is normally mediocre at best, with frequent dropouts, but this is a bit of a joke... Must switch providers

1 month ago
Elliot  Avatar

Poor Internet connection past two nights I was told it was quality this Internet for gaming, its shite getting sick of it I will do changing Internet provider.

1 month ago
Ellis Avatar

Woke up today to find internet light red on my router. Troubleshooted and definitely an ISP issue but it’s Sunday so I can’t call them. Just have to hope it comes back on or wait until Monday.

1 month ago
James Swanston Avatar

James Swanston
No internet for 2 nights now!!

1 month ago
Sam G Avatar

Sam G
No internet since lunchtime London Sm1

1 month ago
Chuddles Avatar

Internet down again....was down yesterday morning Tendring district

1 month ago
Michal Avatar

Ip332hj, Bury St Edmunds, already 5 days with no connection to Internet for hours. No reaction from onestream. Shit provider

2 months ago
Kiran Avatar

B68 8PR

2 months ago
Ian Lipscomb Avatar

Ian Lipscomb
Internet was off when I got up this morning. Still no sign of it coming back , onestream very unhelpful

2 months ago
Daniel Hughes Avatar

Daniel Hughes
internet been down for 5 days now

2 months ago
Josh Avatar

can connect but have no internet access across all devices all morning

2 months ago
Todd Avatar

St78ja, Stoke-on-Trent, Comeback from a business trip and there is no broadband service connected to my router. Online chat closed and phone number not working.

2 months ago
Mateusz Radkiewicz Avatar

Mateusz Radkiewicz
Internet down for like 2 hours already, stopped in the middle of a game, great timing guys. Shropshire

2 months ago
sam roslyn Avatar

sam roslyn
Onestream internet down for seemingly no reason. Only found out when I got home, which was after their service lines close. Terrible that an ISP has such bad opening hours for tech support Nr33 Lowestoft

2 months ago
Stuart Avatar

TN24 8AQ Ashford No internet all afternoon and now into the evening. Often cuts out as is but today is completely out!

2 months ago


About Onestream

Onestream is one of the new entrants in the UK internet market. Founded in the year 2017, Onestream provides fiber, broadband, and telephony services to consumers. Based out of Fareham in Hampshire, the company offers new-age unlimited broadband plans that are incomparable to others in the industry.

The broadband service from Onestream is classified into Onestream Flow Unlimited, Jetstream Fiber Unlimited, and Xstream Superfiber Unlimited. Giving 17mbps, 38mbpss, and 76mbps speeds respectively, these plans cover any requirement users may have. Along with the basic package, the Onstream plans also offer unlimited data usage, free rental costs, and a free high-speed internet router with their packages. Onestream’s mobile services are also attractive, with huge discounts and add-on services such as PhoneFence to block unwanted callers.

Onestream offers customers an insurance plan called Broadband Assured to cover support costs incurred due to the network going down or other technical issues. For any problems or outages with Onestream services, the Stream Team, as they call their support service, is always available. Reach them at 0333-241-4449.

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Outage history

Reported outages on 22.09.2021:
There were a total of 9 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: London
Reported outages on 21.09.2021:
There were a total of 3 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Paris, Frankfurt am Main
Reported outages on 20.09.2021:
There were a total of 7 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Frankfurt am Main
Reported outages on 19.09.2021:
There were a total of 7 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: Paris, London
Reported outages on 18.09.2021:
There were a total of 2 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: Frankfurt am Main
Reported outages on 17.09.2021:
There were a total of 15 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Paris
Reported outages on 16.09.2021:
There were a total of 4 outages at Onestream. The most frequently affected cities were: London, Paris