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About Onestream

Onestream is one of the new entrants in the UK internet market. Founded in the year 2017, Onestream provides fiber, broadband, and telephony services to consumers. Based out of Fareham in Hampshire, the company offers new-age unlimited broadband plans that are incomparable to others in the industry.

The broadband service from Onestream is classified into Onestream Flow Unlimited, Jetstream Fiber Unlimited, and Xstream Superfiber Unlimited. Giving 17mbps, 38mbpss, and 76mbps speeds respectively, these plans cover any requirement users may have. Along with the basic package, the Onstream plans also offer unlimited data usage, free rental costs, and a free high-speed internet router with their packages. Onestream’s mobile services are also attractive, with huge discounts and add-on services such as PhoneFence to block unwanted callers.

Onestream offers customers an insurance plan called Broadband Assured to cover support costs incurred due to the network going down or other technical issues. For any problems or outages with Onestream services, the Stream Team, as they call their support service, is always available. Reach them at 0333-241-4449.

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