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Fred 2 days ago
Same problem as last month, erratic internet with lots of buffering. Wolverhampton

fred 1 month ago
Internet very erratic since Christmas, I have to keep restarting the modem. Wolverhampton WV95AY

Anon 2 months ago
Internet up n down all week mostly down now completeely off wigan

Nigel Swales 5 months ago
My internet has been up and down like a yo-yo for the last week, it’s horrible. Anyone know how I can cancel and get out of my contract? Skelmersdale

Jonathan Dowling 5 months ago
No internet even after resetting box since yesterday afternoon Corby Nn188rn

Del 6 months ago
PE7 3XW internet reported down this morning & still down this evening. (6/8/23) please give update.

LC 7 months ago
London- I've been with Pop for a while and over the last few weeks, I have had terrible service. This has affected me wfh as my broadband connection just dissappears. Why is there always a connection problem?

Neil Fitzgerald 7 months ago
Pop telecom internet not working all this morning. Router rebooted twice, no effect. BN2 7HH. Please advise asap

Sam 7 months ago
NG14 7BZ Internet went down yesterday lunchtime (Saturday 15 July). Rebooted router several times but didn't help. Not able to get through on helpline, always engaged! Started working again overnight. Extremely frustrating! And not the first time. Same happened on Friday 14 July, was down for about 3 hours. Will probably change provider.

Stephen Jones 8 months ago
My internet is not working can you help me please postcode cf34 0nt house no 10 maesteg

Jordan 8 months ago
Not working in derby

Elisabeth 9 months ago
Faringdon SN7 7DT Internet intermittently out all afternoon and evening. Rebooted router nine times so far - a few minutes with Internet abd then it's out again. Customer services closed.Very disappointed.

Mrs turl 10 months ago
Pop is not even answering the calls they say they are closed

Mrs turl 10 months ago
No phone line

Janet Steele 11 months ago
My internet has been down for 3 days now & I'm stuck in my house ill with nothing to watch as don't have a TV licence. Am I entitled to compensation

Melvin 1 year ago
Always having problems with my interest tonight it has stopped working wood live this company if I still didn't have a contact would not recommend this company to anyone. From SN2 2DF

Mark Slipper 2 years ago
Pop doesn't even come up in the list of available networks.

Stan 2 years ago
Unable to access internet. All lights on but cannot access internet on any device. WN3 6TA

David 2 years ago
Internet has been down since circa 2pm (nearly 11 hours now). I was told it's an outage, but have been unable to find anything online. London SE27.

Trevor Dowling 2 years ago
Reported internet down 24 hours ago. Still down this afternoon. Swindon SN14GR


About Pop telecom

POP Telecom is a telecommunications operator based in the UK. The company was founded in 2011 by an experienced team of experts in the field. It is one of the biggest operating broadband, mobile and fixed-line providers in the country. The broadband services from POP Telecom are available to home users and the business community, with tailored plans for each type.

Services offered by POP Telecom include VDSL, ADSL, and fiber broadband, VoIP services, and rural broadband in the IP stream. The company provides specialized rate plans for certain user groups like families, gamers, students over 60, and homeowners. The POP network currently spreads to about 94% of the country, with plans of going multinational in the near future.

POP Telecom’s customer service team is well equipped to handle any problems or system outages you might face. For technical issues such as services or signals going down, reach out to the customer service helpline on 0343-538-6611.


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