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S r 3 weeks ago
Been a couple of hours in Barnet, London - no internet and pop telecom will not answer beyond 6pm.

ryan 2 months ago
worst internet ive ever been connected to it struggles to load everything its so slow and it goes down so often this is a scam its not worth paying for this i might aswell just have unlimited data it would certainly load things faster than this sad disgrace of an “internet provider”

Helen 3 months ago
Oldbury. Internet not connecting to let me watch itvx

Ian 3 months ago
DH9 area outage. Called Pop Telecom and their line test revealeda problem which they have reported to Openreach however I'm stuck here with no Internet since 8am and I wfh!!

Ian 3 months ago
Intermittent broadband since 8am. Co durham area.DH9

Fay 3 months ago
My dad is 89 years old and as had no land line since 26/3/24 am. We were told the cables were being changed over by technicians telecommunications it be back on in 24-48 hours. I was told to screw of the front of the box in my home where the cable is connected in the wall. I said I was not and engineer and I was disabled I could not get on the floor. He said if an engineer comes out and doesn’t find a fault I would be charged £192. You are the one who have disconnected my phone the fault is yours. My dad as heart failure renal failure and cancer he needs is landline can some please help us

Kay 4 months ago
No internet again! Bristol bs7

Fred 4 months ago
Same problem as last month, erratic internet with lots of buffering. Wolverhampton

fred 6 months ago
Internet very erratic since Christmas, I have to keep restarting the modem. Wolverhampton WV95AY

Anon 6 months ago
Internet up n down all week mostly down now completeely off wigan

Nigel Swales 9 months ago
My internet has been up and down like a yo-yo for the last week, it’s horrible. Anyone know how I can cancel and get out of my contract? Skelmersdale

Jonathan Dowling 10 months ago
No internet even after resetting box since yesterday afternoon Corby Nn188rn

Del 11 months ago
PE7 3XW internet reported down this morning & still down this evening. (6/8/23) please give update.

LC 1 year ago
London- I've been with Pop for a while and over the last few weeks, I have had terrible service. This has affected me wfh as my broadband connection just dissappears. Why is there always a connection problem?

Neil Fitzgerald 1 year ago
Pop telecom internet not working all this morning. Router rebooted twice, no effect. BN2 7HH. Please advise asap

Sam 1 year ago
NG14 7BZ Internet went down yesterday lunchtime (Saturday 15 July). Rebooted router several times but didn't help. Not able to get through on helpline, always engaged! Started working again overnight. Extremely frustrating! And not the first time. Same happened on Friday 14 July, was down for about 3 hours. Will probably change provider.

Stephen Jones 1 year ago
My internet is not working can you help me please postcode cf34 0nt house no 10 maesteg

Jordan 1 year ago
Not working in derby

Elisabeth 1 year ago
Faringdon SN7 7DT Internet intermittently out all afternoon and evening. Rebooted router nine times so far - a few minutes with Internet abd then it's out again. Customer services closed.Very disappointed.

Mrs turl 1 year ago
Pop is not even answering the calls they say they are closed



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There were a total of 1 outages at Pop telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: London

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