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Grassblade 6 months ago
Bedfordshire. No service. To add insult to injury, when go the outage checker it tells me my postcode isn't recognised. They're chat operations has closed too. Nothing but lame service from a mast that's line of sight two hundred meters away since I bought in! 5G? my A !

Steve 6 months ago
No service on phone in Blaenavon South East Wales .

Andree 6 months ago
3 service is down in Blackburn. Emergency calls only from about 16:30. Website unusable as is the app where you are put into a queue before it loads.

Adrian Clayton 6 months ago
Malton YO17 6BT: "Emergency calls only" (= no signal) today. Press is reporting 16000+ users are affected today. Press suggests to check Three's Network Status webpage - it refuses to recognise valid postcodes so cannot be used...!

Gillian 7 months ago
Stockton on Tees Ts198pp I have 3 devices with 3 ( phone/tablet & broadband) I just wish that 3 could provide me with the network / coverage that I pay for. I entered into a contract with them. It's time they fulfilled their part of the contract - instead of constantly providing a sub standard service to its customers.

David Hays 10 months ago
Mobile broadband, texts, calls and signal been down for 3 days in the Crosland Moor area of Huddersfield. Getting a signal elsewhere but 0 in that area.

Allen Bennett 2 years ago
I have been unable to get a signal on my Alcatel 3G 'phone since Sunday, 20/06/21 CF5 5QR, Cardiff

Neil Crawford 3 years ago
No calls or texts but topped up 20th may with unlimited calls n texts so should have another 2 or 3days credit left? Please advise

Leah Longmate 3 years ago
Phone line problem. Can't hear me on the other end



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