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WorthlessTrash 1 month ago
Worthless Trash EE barely there Wi-Fi speed - Laughable. More like 56Kbs speed than 4G. Where is it EE? Ooh ooh another days software update gone wrong AS EVER. Oh and surprise surprise I have to laughably LOG IN to find out except I cant LOG IN. Funny how many Marketing Phone Calls and Messages you send me But when your internet goes down or incredibly slow - NOTHING. Yet you just Report "All Ok"

Tina 3 months ago
EE outgoing calls barred. Bournemouth

Steff 4 months ago
No email for most of the day. Fed up.

Ant 5 months ago
The world is ending NO MOBILE OR BROADBAND EE !!!!!! Cancelling soon as it comes back online

Ann pitt 5 months ago
Have no internet de15 9tj Burton-on-Trent

Jen 5 months ago
Mobile issues again in and around chesterfield S43 seems to be a regular thing just lately

Linsey Whyte 6 months ago
Montrose, DD10 8QA internet has been horrendous for a while now ☹️

Tyler 6 months ago
getting 200kb speeds and router constantly connecting/disconnect, se28 london

K Caldwell 6 months ago
I have repeated problems with the router failing or re-setting. This is a brand-new router. the old one failed after 10 years. They are going to investigate tomorrow but I would like advice on an alternate supplier.

Julie farmer 6 months ago
No mobile broadband Wi-Fi all morning.Hopefully be back soon

Katy 6 months ago
had no internet all day NR21 Fakenham

Shells 6 months ago
Had no signal for the last 3 hours Bb18 6xf Near Skipton

Jane Morrison 6 months ago
Had no signal at all since lunchtime PH7 area on my ee rural broadband which runs on the phone signal.

Ken 6 months ago
LA12 8JW No landline/ broadband this morning. 28th Nov

June 6 months ago
I am in West lothian eh48 3es, broadband went down this morning orange light on router been flashing orange all day

Sue 6 months ago
I'm in Exeter. Devon.

Sue 6 months ago
Really bad broadband for a number of days. Unable to stream, everything loading slowly or "unable to reach this website".

Sar 6 months ago
Internet down for around 20 mins. near Sturminster Newton, Dorset. DT10 2PL.

B Scully 7 months ago
TS232AB No phone signal. Mine and the wifes phone

AG 7 months ago
EE went down completely in S32 4 on Sunday 19th and still not up Monday 20th. EE said it could take 3 days



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