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Mobile network 39%
Fixed internet 33%
Mobile Phone 17%
Fixed phone 11%

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About EE

EE is a mobile network and internet service provider in the UK offering high-speed 5G and 4G networks. It is currently the number one mobile operator in the country, with a subscriber base of over 29 million users. Founded in the year 2010, EE – formerly known as Everything Everywhere, was formed by the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Acquired by BT in early 2016, EE is today one of the most widely used networks in the UK. EE’s mobile services are reliable with only rare instances of the network going down.

Apart from being the best mobile provider in the UK, EE also offers unlimited fiber broadband plans and a TV service that uses Freeview. With over 500 stores spread across the country, EE has an overall reach of over 31 million users.

For general account related queries, simply text the desired inquiry such as ‘BALANCE’ ‘BILL’ or ‘HELP’ to the EE short-code 150. In case of outages or other problems with the service, speak directly to EE’s customer support at 800-956-6000.

Live reports

Twitter elovabloke

@elovabloke @EE any logical reason why I can only download apps to phone via 4G and not WiFi

12.07.2020 16:22:34
Twitter SadiaRe83061876

@SadiaRe83061876 @EE I have messaged please can I get some assistance please x

12.07.2020 16:18:32
Twitter NYCBabe

@NYCBabe @EE I just done it. I never got a text to say that the last one had been fixed.

12.07.2020 16:18:31
Twitter Mkb13031984

@Mkb13031984 @EE That worked Thanks

12.07.2020 16:18:09
Twitter NYCBabe

@NYCBabe @EE Yes I am and nothing has come through

12.07.2020 16:13:59
Twitter davydoran41

@davydoran41 'Say hello to the most advanced digital communications company in Britain' @EE 🤣 Just spoken to the EE @centercourt…

12.07.2020 16:05:01
Twitter NatalieChamber8

@NatalieChamber8 @EE Thanks for confirming!

12.07.2020 16:03:44
Twitter ideasandphotos

@ideasandphotos Yorkshire views . @SamsungUK @EE @WHITBYRNLI @BBCWthrWatchers @bbcweather @manfrotto_uk @GoogleUK @BBCLookNorth…

12.07.2020 16:02:30
Twitter WayneGMadden

@WayneGMadden I got a call from a market researcher just a few moments ago. They were asking about @EE and doing some research -…

12.07.2020 15:56:24
Twitter gubath

@gubath RT @LesleyRiddoch: Hi @EE. I’m trying to upgrade phone but can’t seem to log in, apply fir new password, register, get help on chat or get…

12.07.2020 15:55:26
Twitter frances_mcneill

@frances_mcneill @EE Yes so many times and they say there is nothing wrong when clearly there is. I can be.sitting next to the box a…

12.07.2020 15:49:48
Twitter NYCBabe

@NYCBabe @EE I thought you’d fixed the signal issue in my area. For a few days my signal had returned to normal and I though…

12.07.2020 15:46:08
Twitter NatalieChamber8

@NatalieChamber8 @EE Hi, I’m due an upgrade of my phone. Can I check that the data boost I get for having home broadband and the 20%…

12.07.2020 15:45:37
Twitter jeremyhagon

@jeremyhagon @EE Fab, thank you - will do.

12.07.2020 15:44:21
Twitter davydoran41

@davydoran41 Just been to Apple in Kingston ( on the above advice) from the EE sales advisors & the area manager on the phone, A…

12.07.2020 15:34:45
Twitter davydoran41

@davydoran41 Awful customer service @EE in Wimbledon. My 11 year7 month old @Apple phone has a hardware defect. They say company…

12.07.2020 15:30:22
Twitter WesleyDamianWo2

@WesleyDamianWo2 @EE I doing very will thanks Michael B 👍👍

12.07.2020 15:29:47
Twitter ukgovcomp

@ukgovcomp @AnonymousMeh2 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk…

12.07.2020 15:28:02
Twitter Yesimbabyx

@Yesimbabyx @EE I have done, they wanted to send another engineer out. Which I'm not happy to do as I've had a number of engine…

12.07.2020 15:24:37
Twitter calvinmiller76

@calvinmiller76 @EE The app still isn't working !

12.07.2020 15:24:24
Twitter WesleyDamianWo2

@WesleyDamianWo2 @EE all time good✌ two hear from EE from👋 Newcastle ✌✌😇

12.07.2020 15:19:33
Twitter Kev_CardGeek

@Kev_CardGeek @EE Noticed it mid morning today.

12.07.2020 15:16:45
Twitter seksiness

@seksiness @dazzelbrush @EE Same issue. Assuming Oppo haven't certified thier newest update properly?

12.07.2020 15:16:35
Twitter Kev_CardGeek

@Kev_CardGeek @EE Pretty much the same.

12.07.2020 15:07:42
Twitter liamflob

@liamflob @EE My Mum has a standard SIM card in her current phone, but is getting a phone which needs a nano SIM. What does she need to do?

12.07.2020 15:05:35
Twitter Kev_CardGeek

@Kev_CardGeek @EE This phone is iPhone 11 Pro. The other is a TP Link router dual band.

12.07.2020 14:52:12
Twitter cybersec_feeds

@cybersec_feeds RT @maxcbc: Also bonkers, how many sites that should be securable via multi-factor-authentication which are not, I'm looking at you @EE #Cy…

12.07.2020 14:50:17
Twitter Bertonabike

@Bertonabike @EE Hmmm ok. I will let you know how it get on.

12.07.2020 14:40:17
Twitter Kev_CardGeek

@Kev_CardGeek @EE Hey Ashleigh, even worse. I have a second EE phone as well and that’s getting similar results.

12.07.2020 14:34:53
Twitter Bertonabike

@Bertonabike @EE Thanks. Tried that a couple of weeks ago, but still having dropouts 👎

12.07.2020 14:34:29