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Fixed internet 51%
Mobile network 34%
Mobile Phone 9%
Fixed phone 6%

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About EE

EE is a mobile network and internet service provider in the UK offering high-speed 5G and 4G networks. It is currently the number one mobile operator in the country, with a subscriber base of over 29 million users. Founded in the year 2010, EE – formerly known as Everything Everywhere, was formed by the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Acquired by BT in early 2016, EE is today one of the most widely used networks in the UK. EE’s mobile services are reliable with only rare instances of the network going down.

Apart from being the best mobile provider in the UK, EE also offers unlimited fiber broadband plans and a TV service that uses Freeview. With over 500 stores spread across the country, EE has an overall reach of over 31 million users.

For general account related queries, simply text the desired inquiry such as ‘BALANCE’ ‘BILL’ or ‘HELP’ to the EE short-code 150. In case of outages or other problems with the service, speak directly to EE’s customer support at 800-956-6000.

Live reports

Twitter hannahsaywhaat

@hannahsaywhaat Big shout out to Nitesh at @EE who just absolutely sorted me out.

18.09.2020 17:17:44
Twitter PooleAndBmouth

@PooleAndBmouth ICYMI: @JCPinDorset Customer Adviser, Part Time @EE #Poole Info/Apply #DorsetJobs…

18.09.2020 17:15:32
Twitter ChazzH69

@ChazzH69 @EE How can it be that cheap. You lot are crazy.

18.09.2020 17:10:23
Twitter twisted_daisies

@twisted_daisies @EE your broadband has been down since 10am, you don’t answer dms. Any chance of letting me know when it will be back up?

18.09.2020 17:09:49
Twitter helenthelouise

@helenthelouise @EE not sure if it’s you I should report this to but spotted on the Greenstead Roundabout, Colchester. Presume door…

18.09.2020 17:06:14
Twitter kevcandy

@kevcandy @EE Lovely - thanks Bob much appreciated. :)

18.09.2020 17:00:03
Twitter s_108

@s_108 @StephenWarwick9 @EE I did have a chat with @VodafoneUK and they didn’t even know about it 😂

18.09.2020 16:59:52
Twitter s_108

@s_108 @StephenWarwick9 @EE Yeah thanks, but don’t need a watch, my daughters Gona have my hands me down 😂 Guess she’ll ha…

18.09.2020 16:58:20
Twitter James_Graham

@James_Graham @EE Just been cut off by Lewis in your South Wales based upgrades team. Nobody at your company seems to be able to…

18.09.2020 16:53:30
Twitter James_17_Wall

@James_17_Wall Workers of @EE !! Is it a good place to work? Honest opinions only! #EE

18.09.2020 16:53:05
Twitter RyanJacobson1

@RyanJacobson1 @EE hi -network down in Nw4 london - please can you have a look. Thanks

18.09.2020 16:50:15
Twitter geminicardigan

@geminicardigan less than three hours till ee :(

18.09.2020 16:49:50
Twitter DougPantonMusic

@DougPantonMusic @EE Being a Doug isn't that bad.. I'm with Vodafone/ Voxi and they're pretty good 😉

18.09.2020 16:48:21
Twitter david_cockcroft

@david_cockcroft @EE I haven't had any service for about 14 days, I've contacted the support team and tried to get them to sort it 5…

18.09.2020 16:44:20
Twitter Anangryguy1

@Anangryguy1 @EE No self respecting gamer would ever go with apple products due to their idiotic app store policy.

18.09.2020 16:42:32
Twitter markduerden

@markduerden @EE hi. We just a call from someone claiming to be an agent on an 01844 number. Is that likely? Also he didn't try to verify our identity

18.09.2020 16:42:07
Twitter ChrisTreen

@ChrisTreen @richyj1504 @EE 1. How come you're self isolating? 2. Do you really get through 30GB in a month?!

18.09.2020 16:41:09
Twitter PaulSim10353260

@PaulSim10353260 @sallycarman1 @EE @Joe_Duttine Form now on known as Wendy Darling.

18.09.2020 16:40:39
Twitter JennyEvers

@JennyEvers @vinylrights @EE So much for customer loyalty. I’ve been with @EE years.

18.09.2020 16:34:16
Twitter uygarr

@uygarr @EE I rolled into this contract. The process was very easy and works brilliantly 👏👏👏

18.09.2020 16:33:23
Twitter AndrewMcGuinn11

@AndrewMcGuinn11 @EE Yes I would

18.09.2020 16:31:47
Twitter Ellie_Nufc9

@Ellie_Nufc9 @EE Ahh thank you appreciate the reply 😊

18.09.2020 16:29:21
Twitter Jennifer_1988

@Jennifer_1988 @EE Sent a DM

18.09.2020 16:25:58
Twitter musicalruth

@musicalruth @EE hello. If I take out a Full Works Plan is Apple Music and Apple TV only available to use on the new phone or ca…

18.09.2020 16:25:57
Twitter garethlucas89

@garethlucas89 @EE heyy I think my sim card is playing up, my phone has absolutely no data signal, I've tried restarting and takin…

18.09.2020 16:21:22
Twitter Gapa78

@Gapa78 @EE hi I am on the Bt mobile network with the Apple se 2020 phone but have a iPad plan on the EE network, could I g…

18.09.2020 16:20:53
Twitter ReHunter12

@ReHunter12 @EE Will do! Thank you @EE

18.09.2020 16:20:47
Twitter IntenseCityUk

@IntenseCityUk RT @IntenseCityUk: @AskKingsley2 @DandG_UK @santanderukbiz @Barclays @LloydsBank @EE @DixonsCarphone @DixonsOnline @iDMobileIreland @Samsun…

18.09.2020 16:18:04
Twitter leoleung25

@leoleung25 @EE Well. For my previous order which you guys CANCALLED, I have received any updates and on live chat you guys jus…

18.09.2020 16:15:42
Twitter FallenShadows82

@FallenShadows82 @EE sent a Em

18.09.2020 16:11:30