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About Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the well-known international mobile companies in the world. Vodafone UK is the British subsidiary of the Vodafone group, founded in the year 1982. With a subscriber base of over 17 million, it is third on the list of top mobile telecommunications providers in the country.

Staying true to their rebranded slogan – “The future is exciting. Ready?” Vodafone UK has grown into a provider offering the complete package. With excellent network coverage, full-value plans, and their highly rated customer service, Vodafone UK is a mobile brand that provides it all.

Vodafone UK also offers fixed-line services and broadband services, with plans integrated into their mobile offerings as well. Service from the network is known to be reliable with quick assistance in case of any problems.

Vodafone UK provides quality customer support for any issues with the service such as outages or network going down. Reach out for general queries at the short-code 191, or speak to customer service at 03333-040-191.

Live reports

Twitter ankityadav15

@ankityadav15 @vodafone @vodafonein Submitted my phone damage claim under mobile insurance before 4 months. Submitted all docs.…

12.07.2020 16:46:14
Twitter ManuJos40264794

@ManuJos40264794 @airtel @vodafone always netwrok problem why

12.07.2020 16:41:56
Twitter ManishGupt12

@ManishGupt12 I am totally disappointed from your network and service. @VodafoneIN @Vodafone

12.07.2020 16:10:30
Twitter ArvindK91601000

@ArvindK91601000 Dear @Vodafone Your network is in a very bad condition for the last 15 days, neither the call is received nor the i…

12.07.2020 15:52:45
Twitter deepakk15123585

@deepakk15123585 @vodafone I am using your service but facing too many issues like no internet connectivity and calling problem..would you do something

12.07.2020 15:48:40
Twitter ArvindK91601000

@ArvindK91601000 Dear @Vodafone Your network is in a very bad condition for the last 15 days, neither the call is received nor the i…

12.07.2020 15:39:16
Twitter care_DIR

@care_DIR RT @rajeev__99: @AIRTEL_KE @Airtel_Presence @airtelindia @airtelnews @TRAI @DoT_India @AirtelNigeria @Airtel_Ug @Airtel_Zambia @airtelrw @A…

12.07.2020 15:35:08
Twitter VodafoneIN

@VodafoneIN @RiyaVis15071991 Hi! We don't want to lose you :( please DM us your Vodafone number so we can call you and sort thi…

12.07.2020 15:03:44
Twitter manveeralamlove

@manveeralamlove #vodafone #idea @vodafone @idea charged Rs 1683/ + gst as international roaming. what a fake company idea vodafone…

12.07.2020 14:39:43
Twitter DGTLSan

@DGTLSan @Ranjan90621696 @VodafoneIN @vodafone Thanks so @VodafoneIN pls stop saying it's my device or sim card issue

12.07.2020 13:19:48
Twitter StockInfoX

@StockInfoX If maximum people port their Sim card to @Vodafone Idea, Then Co. can survive from bankruptcy. The people who buys…

12.07.2020 13:15:24
Twitter Ranjan90621696

@Ranjan90621696 @DGTLSan No You are Not Alone at all. All My Family Number and Colleagues are facing Quite a Lot Issues for…

12.07.2020 12:34:20
Twitter Eventwarehouse

@Eventwarehouse RT @incrediblesug: Count down to the #YAAwardsUg17 night. @reachahand,@kampalaserena,@nbstv,@HBrandarchitect,@Eventwarehouse,@SegalFoundati…

12.07.2020 12:23:11
Twitter manuelsokka

@manuelsokka Vodafone down or it's just me?

12.07.2020 11:52:02
Twitter Gyanendrasharm

@Gyanendrasharm @Vodafone network down within 3 months call drop, internet speed major problems please solve this problem

12.07.2020 09:15:22
Twitter JimmonJ

@JimmonJ @VodafoneIN @vodafone I have been mailing to you guys for a upgrade in my Services. There is no help at all. Your…

12.07.2020 08:46:57
Twitter Voice_4_India

@Voice_4_India #92612072020J Dear @VodafoneIN @Vodafone You haven't restored Message service. Still I am not able to send message.…

12.07.2020 07:31:27
Twitter agarmahesh

@agarmahesh #GOTOHELL #HAPPYTOTROUBLE @VodafoneIN @vodafone @VodafoneEgypt @VodafoneUK @vodafoneNZ @VodafoneEgypt…

12.07.2020 06:49:39
Twitter DannyMo96443405

@DannyMo96443405 @vodafone 60mins trying to cancel within 14 days. 3 advisors, then cut off. Take this as my notice as call centre not taking calls

12.07.2020 05:20:40
Twitter RakeshK04454617

@RakeshK04454617 RT @satyamtiwari24_: D 2 worst network providers @reliancejio @JioCare N @airtelindia r making fool 2 there custmers by providing 1.2 ,0.10…

12.07.2020 04:30:14
Twitter Phamous_TMP23

@Phamous_TMP23 @MTNGhana Get the fuck off you always say this every night won’t you wise up have you ever seen any @vodafone or…

12.07.2020 02:37:55
Twitter Shubham87353573

@Shubham87353573 @patil_vede @VodaIdea_NEWS @vodafone @Idea @VodafoneIN_News @VodafoneGroup @Vodacom @vodafoneuknews @MoneyControl P…

11.07.2020 20:50:11
Twitter 1903Alaettin

@1903Alaettin @UEFAcom_fr @forzabesiktas @Vodafone Park

11.07.2020 20:37:35
Twitter RahulRa96001161

@RahulRa96001161 @vodafone thanks for providing top speed of 0.05 kbps.. from last two days.. Its highly appriciate your team work.…

11.07.2020 20:26:25
Twitter masonmarth10

@masonmarth10 Can't even tweet about how bad the Internet and mobile signal are atm because I have no WiFi and dont even have mob…

11.07.2020 19:15:04
Twitter FreeReinUK

@FreeReinUK @BillyJWells @vodafone Billy, Vodafone have a clear history of lying. They've lied to me so many times the last 5 y…

11.07.2020 18:40:35
Twitter bhawana58107540

@bhawana58107540 @VodafoneIN @DoT_India @rsprasad @TRAI @vodafone @rmstakkar Vodafone is making customer fool and don't bother to c…

11.07.2020 15:28:24
Twitter christo_gerry

@christo_gerry RT @SalmaBrecht: Employees outsourcing cellular operator @Telkomsel divulge the secret of their customer identity. Then what kind of custom…

11.07.2020 13:55:37
Twitter chandanmit

@chandanmit @NovumCutis @VodafoneIN @Vodafone is in deep shit of huge loan. This company is trying to shed that amount by cheat…

11.07.2020 13:46:11
Twitter BillyJWells

@BillyJWells So @Vodafone why did you lie to me last summer? Signal drops in the summertime and you give me some waffle about…

11.07.2020 13:19:36