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Dorina 2 months ago
All services on phone are down for more than 3 weeks

Adolf Hitler 3 months ago

Kerry 3 months ago
All services on phone are down since 26/2/24

Paul 3 months ago
Vodafone internet and mobile down in Weston super mare

Chris Romney 3 months ago
Landline has been down all day in Oxford

Lee 3 months ago
Mobile internet and calls not working En110RF Hoddesdon

Adam 4 months ago
In Methil Fife Get no signal No one can contact me at all. Call straight to my mobile number messages are not sending. Not receiving calls Emergency call Come up. What is going on?

Abhi Babu 4 months ago
No broadband in many households in Maidenhead are for the last three days. Customer service is awful with an automaged message saying they are aware of the issue. Extremely unprofessional!

colin bennet 4 months ago
Up down up down in de24 area

Jack flashman 4 months ago
Currently there MAY be problems you ain't kidding North London EN1 been struggling for days now

Jacko 4 months ago
Enfield EN5 4g absolute rubbish speed, been reporting problems in this part of London for several days now, site says no problems but map tells a different story , it looks like the whole of the south east and London is down according to the map.

Henry D 4 months ago
Tottenham N15 internet at a crawl, barely enough speed to do this, I keep seeing reports of problems in London but nothing improves, this is day 5

Harry 4 months ago
Barnet EN6 system appears to running GPRS speeds absolutely useless, been bad for at least 3days here , despite a vodaphone mast less than 300mtrs from here.

Jack flashman 4 months ago
Full marks for signal, zero marks for data, slow slow slow, tried rebooting and all that, I'm unable to do my job, been like this for 2days unreliable before that now constantly below 180kbs London 21 wynchmore hill

Bill austin 4 months ago
North London en11aa ....Internet barely running signal good very slow data , 150kbs for goodness sakes what are we paying for here

Bill Longbridge 4 months ago
Vodafone internet maximum 200kbs been like this for at least 36hours, barely usable, London N135qd

Steve Gulliver 4 months ago
I have signal and 4g showing but not able to load web pages of download anything. Been like this for 3 or 4 days. Southampton city centre.

Dennis 4 months ago
It said that connect failed. It had some connections a few hours ago but it does not available now. M50 3AL Salford

Janet 4 months ago
No service at all in Norwich... Told it's down to maintenance... The whole map of the city is red . Should it be another colour if there IS a service?

John 4 months ago
No mobile internet for days now in Oban and around. PA345TQ



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