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Susan 6 months ago
Can not send texts or recieve them in oban

N 6 months ago
En3 Enfield Voda broadband down for 2nd morning in a row, since 5am at least, now its 8 and still down. Their site states til 7pm.

Yozz 6 months ago
L4 area in Walton is lacking broadband since early morning. Area outage being reported

Stav 6 months ago
Mobile data offline for an hour now

Ferhad 6 months ago
While watching the AFC Asian Cup the home broadband disconnected for no apparent reason. I had to chat with Vodafone on line for over an hour and been transferred from one department to another, . They couldn't fix my issues. I was really frustrated and end up with no Internet for the whole night the following day. I am promised an engineer but not sure when they will turn up. |I would definitely change Vodafone and will go to another provider.

Aaron 6 months ago
Oxford ox44 9eZ reported to vodafone a week ago and still not fixed

Paddy Garth 6 months ago
Intermittent connectivity, Phone & Mobile broadband dropping to 3G. Service unusable South Lakes LA12

Trevor 6 months ago
working now...

Janet 6 months ago
Mobile Internet down all morning,just recently come back on.stoke

Emanuel 6 months ago
Guildford no signal ,no ethernet

Trevor 6 months ago
despite an apparently good signal, not receiving or able to send SMS text messages, which is not helpful if you need to receive access codes from say HMRC.....

Ash 6 months ago
London, HA9 area is Vodafone sim completely off, no signal, no data, no SMS. Cannot make a call or receive, wth is happening.

Tafadzwa 6 months ago
Nn156, Northampton No internet just calls only

Gary 6 months ago
Texts not working Tf94ll Market Drayton

ryanath 6 months ago
this is so annoying, like unable to use my phone since morning. Unable to access my online banking, call or receive messages despite the fact that there is a signal..... annoyingly i work with my phone!!!!!!!!

Ricky 6 months ago
No phone calls no txt having to use WiFi for Internet hull

Mohammed 6 months ago
No internet no phone calls bburn bb1

Basil 6 months ago
NN16 Nothampton, 4G showing, no internet just calls. Sadly, with loads of work due.

Attila 6 months ago
Portsmouth and Southampton area is completely off, no signal, no data. cannot make or receive calls at all.

Shajade ianjam 6 months ago
Vodafone is down in Bradford West Yorkshire, no calls no sms no data nothing working!



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Reported outages on 18.07.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Vodafone. The most frequently affected cities were: Reading
Reported outages on 16.07.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at Vodafone. The most frequently affected cities were: Crewe, Sheffield, Dudley

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