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Jason 4 days ago
Mine has been down for 3 days said they will give me £1.36p a day its down totally a joke

Adomas Vaidila 1 week ago
Dartford. No signal and no internet. Works only with wifi since last evening 6pm its discusting how you just leave customers with no reception for more then 12 hrs

No Internet when I Try to put it on and Haswell as my WiFi not getting any signal 2 weeks ago
Ub7 9ha london

Ed 2 weeks ago
Down in CB22

D Lane 2 weeks ago
No 5G service in addition to every other service in my Sheffield offices & erratic services in south devon..... again !!!

Jo 2 weeks ago
Stoke ST4 - No signal at all since 10.30

Ali 2 weeks ago
SO20 6HF Stockbridge shit connection not working

bustards 2 weeks ago
Not working north east uk

Barbara Holland 2 months ago
I was not able to make or receive calls on the 5th December and the same thing has happened today in the Redhill Surrey area.

Very Cross 2 months ago
I've been without mobile signal for several days now. This is ridiculous.

Tree 2 months ago
I have had no service since night of 30th November. It’s now Sunday 3rd December and still non. I complained on three chat and was basically told they didn’t know when it would be restored. No compensation and they could do nothing. This was Vishal on chat. I was kept on chat for an hour to be cut off then received an email to say three has done everything in their power to sort it so my complaint had been closed. They said I can refer my complaint to Ombudsman Services and provided me with the address. Unbelievable! Shocking service. I still have no means of telephone calls, text or data. Tomorrow is Monday how do I work. West Sussex.

Marcin 2 months ago
St44bp Stoke on trent still no signal

Lou 2 months ago
TR9 Still saying not registered on network. No phone signal, SMS or mobile Internet

Julie Gibbs 2 months ago
Devizes SN10 still no calls no signal

Joe chambers 2 months ago
Down in Glasgow all day

John Smith 2 months ago
BL23BG BOLTON No service for most of the day with 3 and ID mobile which uses their network. ID appears to be working at the moment.

Art 2 months ago
No network connection old Windsor. Does anyone know how long will the outages last?

Emily 2 months ago
No signal since about 4 Nottinghamshire,I’ve had no signal on and off about 3 times today since about 7/8 this morning

Fred Bloggs 2 months ago
KA65DG Mossblown Very low signal, 2 phones report 'Not Logged On to Network'

Grassblade 2 months ago
Bedfordshire. No service. To add insult to injury, when go the outage checker it tells me my postcode isn't recognised. They're chat operations has closed too. Nothing but lame service from a mast that's line of sight two hundred meters away since I bought in! 5G? my A !


About 3 (Three)

3 (Three) is a leading global provider of telecommunication services, offering a wide range of services such as mobile telephony, broadband, and TV services. Despite their high-quality offerings, users may occasionally experience service disruptions or technical issues. This guide offers a wealth of information about potential issues and practical solutions to help you get back online as quickly as possible.

Potential Service Disruptions with 3 (Three)

The most common issues with 3 (Three) include network outages affecting calls, texts, and internet services. These disruptions can be caused by various factors including maintenance works, system upgrades, or unexpected technical glitches. The good news is, most of these issues can be resolved with some troubleshooting steps.

What to do in Case of a Network Outage

When you experience a service disruption, the first step is to check the status of the 3 (Three) network in your area. You can do this by visiting the 3 (Three) service status page or via third-party outage tracking websites. If there's a reported outage, you will need to wait for 3 (Three) to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

  • Restart your device: Sometimes, simply restarting your device can solve minor network issues.
  • Check your device's settings: Ensure your device is set to the correct network settings and that airplane mode is turned off.
  • Reinsert your SIM card: If you're having trouble with calls or texts, try removing and reinserting your SIM card.
  • Try a different location: If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, try moving to a different location. Some buildings or areas may have poor signal.

Contacting 3 (Three) Customer Service

If you've tried the above steps and still can't resolve your issue, it may be time to contact 3 (Three) customer service. You can reach them through their website, by phone, or via their social media channels. Remember to provide as much detail as possible about your issue to help them assist you effectively.


Outage history

Reported outages on 28.02.2024:
There were a total of 4 outages at 3 (Three). The most frequently affected cities were: Toronto, Leeds, Liverpool
Reported outages on 27.02.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at 3 (Three). The most frequently affected cities were: London, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reported outages on 26.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at 3 (Three). The most frequently affected cities were: Leeds, Manchester
Reported outages on 24.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at 3 (Three). The most frequently affected cities were: Birmingham, Leeds

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