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Allen Bennett Avatar

Allen Bennett
I have been unable to get a signal on my Alcatel 3G 'phone since Sunday, 20/06/21 CF5 5QR, Cardiff

1 year ago
Neil Crawford Avatar

Neil Crawford
No calls or texts but topped up 20th may with unlimited calls n texts so should have another 2 or 3days credit left? Please advise

1 year ago
Leah Longmate Avatar

Leah Longmate
Phone line problem. Can't hear me on the other end

1 year ago


About 3 (Three)

Three UK is a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings providing 3G and 4G telecommunications services in the UK. Founded in the year 2003, Three UK is the first network providing commercial video mobile services in the country.

Three UK was voted the Best Network for Data in the year 2018 by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. With rare instances of network problems or services going down, Three UK has gained quite a reputation in the telecommunications industry. Offering higher data limits than any other carrier in the country, Three UK’s network covers almost 97% of the population. The 4G super-voice services are especially popular, allowing for clear and stable voice calls even at interior locations.

Three UK can be reached on their customer service lines for any queries or support during outages. Call 333 from your Three mobile or dial 333-338-1001 from any other phone. For broadband related queries dial 500 from a Three mobile, or 333-338-1003 from other phones.

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