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Three UK is a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings providing 3G and 4G telecommunications services in the UK. Founded in the year 2003, Three UK is the first network providing commercial video mobile services in the country.

Three UK was voted the Best Network for Data in the year 2018 by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. With rare instances of network problems or services going down, Three UK has gained quite a reputation in the telecommunications industry. Offering higher data limits than any other carrier in the country, Three UK’s network covers almost 97% of the population. The 4G super-voice services are especially popular, allowing for clear and stable voice calls even at interior locations.

Three UK can be reached on their customer service lines for any queries or support during outages. Call 333 from your Three mobile or dial 333-338-1001 from any other phone. For broadband related queries dial 500 from a Three mobile, or 333-338-1003 from other phones.

Live reports

Twitter CIPerrin

@CIPerrin @SkyUK Internet down in SE22 for 4 hours. Your site says there is an issue locally? Any update?? @ThreeUK 4g and 5g…

18.09.2020 17:50:27
Twitter Kashikuta

@Kashikuta RT @UrbanPawsuk: Time to relax with some bunny ASMR 🐰 The happiest, most peaceful 59 seconds on the internet. #TBT to the time Mr Grey, Mr…

18.09.2020 17:40:53
Twitter mrdream69uk

@mrdream69uk @MentalMisty @ThreeUK A phone with a decent battery life of about a week

18.09.2020 17:34:52
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @yorkmilner: @ThreeUK sort yourself out. Services are terrible and you customer services representatives and dim

18.09.2020 17:16:37
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @_ktmills: @ThreeUK help! My signal has just died out of nowhere and no restarts are brining it back?

18.09.2020 17:14:49
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @IwatrossFC: @ThreeUK Hello I don't have any signal on my phone even after restarting it. Is there any maintenance working? Please advic…

18.09.2020 17:14:41
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @Deankirby44: @ThreeUK is there a network outage? As I have no signal no 4G. Live outage map shows complete outage? Update?

18.09.2020 17:14:34
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @LilacheartLane: @_ktmills @ThreeUK It just happened to me and my mum phone, the 4G went then came back around 5 mins ago, we are in the…

18.09.2020 17:14:12
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @baghcat: Anyone else finding that their @threeUK (usually mediocre but just about manageable) service has turned to complete shite rece…

18.09.2020 17:14:00
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @60secrev: Anyone else had any issues with #iOS14 just dropping all data signals without warning? Twice since upgrading, my data has cut…

18.09.2020 17:13:47
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @adeymusto: @ThreeUK What is going on with the network again?? No data and terrible phone signal, NW London. I'm done with your network,…

18.09.2020 17:13:41
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @Vexulor: @ThreeUK fix your services for the past 2 weeks i keep losing all data connection and when i get it back it drops to less then…

18.09.2020 17:13:22
Twitter shuttle534

@shuttle534 @ThreeUK I pay for someone's phone package, its monthly Sim package, they are complaining about the adult filter bu…

18.09.2020 17:13:17
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @BeachBhoy67: @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK Hi, I’m in ML11NN. My network has started to go down in last 1hr. Any idea why?

18.09.2020 17:13:10
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @servicesdown_: 🔔 #ThreeUK down? 🔗 Real-time status: 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #ThreeUKDown #ThreeUK…

18.09.2020 17:13:01
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @Snarfsnarf14: @ThreeUK please can you explain why I cant regularly connect to the internet but have 4G. It’s a regular problem. Do you…

18.09.2020 17:11:24
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @demones52947340: @ThreeUK ‘your call is important to us’. Not important enough for you actually to answer the phone though. You can’t b…

18.09.2020 17:11:18
Twitter yorkmilner

@yorkmilner @ThreeUK sort yourself out. Services are terrible and you customer services representatives and dim

18.09.2020 17:11:08
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @Andy09846500: @60secrev @ThreeUK @three Yea. Zero 4g just vanished

18.09.2020 17:10:22
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @gambole_com: I have been a @ThreeUK customer for about 14 years. For the past 3 months they have been taking too much money from my di…

18.09.2020 17:10:16
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor @ThreeUK #ThreeUK what's going on? Terrible connection in SE London for the past 2 days!

18.09.2020 17:09:42
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @mariamcgoldric5: @ThreeUK is everyone’s data keep going off??

18.09.2020 17:08:18
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @omar_aje: Don't buy a contract at @ThreeUK. They might say they have good coverage but the connection is terrible, and now I had no con…

18.09.2020 17:08:14
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @TonyMaloneUK: @trbell_ @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK Similar issues. @ThreeUKSupport never seem to answer their phones or honour their cust…

18.09.2020 17:07:37
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @Shadow16896025: @ThreeUK Three remove any comment that contains a criticism. A mature, reputable, company, does not behave that way. So…

18.09.2020 17:07:09
Twitter marcodor

@marcodor RT @CymroSion: No data on @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport in northern Wales. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

18.09.2020 17:06:25
Twitter gazzy360

@gazzy360 @ThreeUK It’s not great. I’m paying £39 for this with 100gb data with Three. Prices don’t make sense.

18.09.2020 17:03:17
Twitter Shadow16896025

@Shadow16896025 @ThreeUK Three remove any comment that contains a criticism. A mature, reputable, company, does not behave that way…

18.09.2020 17:02:21
Twitter JCPinHerts

@JCPinHerts Retail Customer Advisor with @ThreeUK in Welwyn Garden City. Info/apply: #RetailJobs…

18.09.2020 17:01:08
Twitter expectoshot

@expectoshot @ThreeUK what am I going to do with 4gb?

18.09.2020 16:52:02