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Three UK is a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings providing 3G and 4G telecommunications services in the UK. Founded in the year 2003, Three UK is the first network providing commercial video mobile services in the country.

Three UK was voted the Best Network for Data in the year 2018 by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. With rare instances of network problems or services going down, Three UK has gained quite a reputation in the telecommunications industry. Offering higher data limits than any other carrier in the country, Three UK’s network covers almost 97% of the population. The 4G super-voice services are especially popular, allowing for clear and stable voice calls even at interior locations.

Three UK can be reached on their customer service lines for any queries or support during outages. Call 333 from your Three mobile or dial 333-338-1001 from any other phone. For broadband related queries dial 500 from a Three mobile, or 333-338-1003 from other phones.

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Twitter revmaryhawes

@revmaryhawes Frustrated that my @ThreeUK Unlimited Mobile Broadband has decided I've used up my data allowance. I know I've watc…

12.07.2020 17:14:15
Twitter GaryBlythe13

@GaryBlythe13 @ThreeUK so tell me three how did you resolve my complaint ? You where supposed to call me back within 48 hours…

12.07.2020 17:14:14
Twitter doctorloch

@doctorloch @ThreeUK every day I try call you and I’m spoken to rudely by your staff. And 6pm strikes.. they hang up. I’ve canc…

12.07.2020 17:05:26
Twitter erGcfc

@erGcfc You couldn't make this up @ThreeUK

12.07.2020 17:04:36
Twitter AML1RA

@AML1RA @ChelseaFC @premierleague @ThreeUK fuck you

12.07.2020 17:02:45
Twitter NisharthR

@NisharthR @ThreeUK What have you done...

12.07.2020 16:59:56
Twitter SimonAT53756041

@SimonAT53756041 @ChelseaFC @nikefootball @ThreeUK Think I’ll keep on wearing my retro 1970 FA Cup version

12.07.2020 16:51:56
Twitter KevinPriiince

@KevinPriiince Since 3 Goals Is Been Our Blessing / Curse Latelty Our @ThreeUK Sponsors Better Work In Our Favour For Those Final…

12.07.2020 16:45:00
Twitter Slytherinnixpix

@Slytherinnixpix @shack9999 @sophtenenbaum @wroetoshaw @ChelseaFC @ThreeUK I never read more stupidity smh

12.07.2020 16:39:29
Twitter Mossa152

@Mossa152 @ThreeUK dealing with your phone advisor was exhausting. Took nearly an hour despite him telling me 25 mins in that…

12.07.2020 16:20:50
Twitter kofimahony

@kofimahony @ThreeUK Your Cheque make ready. We’re reverting to Samsung. Thank you

12.07.2020 16:15:50
Twitter nabster15

@nabster15 Real winner is @ThreeUK

12.07.2020 16:11:35
Twitter _chidebelum

@_chidebelum @ifi_david @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport All we are saying...

12.07.2020 16:05:16
Twitter caiiuspayne

@caiiuspayne @virginmedia Unfortunately not, hung up at the hour mark. But did manage to get the phone sorted through @ThreeUK .…

12.07.2020 16:00:43
Twitter aneeshsn

@aneeshsn Order placed for new home kit. Blue is the colour @ChelseaFC @ThreeUK @chelseamegastore

12.07.2020 15:55:32
Twitter unrulysoljah

@unrulysoljah RT @Nischal_SP: Just got my new Chelsea shirt, and it’s absolutely beautiful. A huge thank you to @ThreeUK for sending it to me, I love it!…

12.07.2020 15:51:10
Twitter ZoeGrist

@ZoeGrist @martynscs91 @O2 @ThreeUK Oooh my whole family are one three! Maybe it’s time to shop around 🤔

12.07.2020 15:45:00
Twitter AmirKhan2412

@AmirKhan2412 RT @Sporf: 👕 Since @ChelseaFC introduced their new @ThreeUK sponsored shirt: 🥅 Conceded 3 vs @WestHam ⚽️ Scored 3 vs @WatfordFC ⚽️ Scor…

12.07.2020 15:42:17
Twitter DeAristocrat

@DeAristocrat When are we returning the @ThreeUK money? @ChelseaFC. Cursed

12.07.2020 15:39:01
Twitter dell_weezy

@dell_weezy 1. @ChelseaFC is going to finish the season ahead of @LCFC and @ManUtd in this order.😉 2. Have you guys thought of…

12.07.2020 15:18:53
Twitter its_tade

@its_tade RT @SeunAyotomide: @ThreeUK Obviously you have to score 3 2 see it😂😂

12.07.2020 15:11:08
Twitter CjKofi

@CjKofi RT @AZ_Bassit: @ThreeUK unsign that deal now!

12.07.2020 15:07:07
Twitter AK92_xo

@AK92_xo When you call @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK and the advisors are ‘working from home’ but you can hear them outside laugh…

12.07.2020 14:54:16
Twitter blaketheking09

@blaketheking09 @ThreeUK bitch

12.07.2020 14:51:07
Twitter soccertoon

@soccertoon Those doing meme's on #CFC sponsor @ThreeUK #3 logo, try and understand the @ChelseaFC team has a contract to give…

12.07.2020 14:48:56
Twitter pavel_rylkou

@pavel_rylkou RT @ThreeUK: this is WAR! the loot: three PS4s to be won. to battle for them, just reply tagging the two mates you’d have in your @CallofDu…

12.07.2020 14:41:49
Twitter LekanAkinyemi01

@LekanAkinyemi01 @AA_utd @AhF4r @OptaJoe @premierleague @SheffieldUnited @ChelseaFC @ThreeUK @WestHam @WatfordFC @CPFC Now i underst…

12.07.2020 14:41:22
Twitter Sporf

@Sporf 👕 Since @ChelseaFC introduced their new @ThreeUK sponsored shirt: 🥅 Conceded 3 vs @WestHam ⚽️ Scored 3 vs…

11.07.2020 18:28:19
Twitter ChelseaFCinUSA

@ChelseaFCinUSA Hey @ThreeUK, just curious, how many goals does @cpulisic_10 have since the restart? 🤔

08.07.2020 15:31:33
Twitter ChelseaFC

@ChelseaFC Back home today, and the Bridge has a fresh look! 😍 @ThreeUK #CHEWAT

04.07.2020 09:01:00