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About O2

Telefonica UK Limited, more popularly known as O2, is the second biggest mobile service provider in the UK. A subsidiary of the Spanish company Telefonica, O2 currently has a British subscriber base of over 25 million. Founded under the name Cellnet in the year 1985, O2 was purchased by Telefonica in 2006.

O2 offers attractive plans such as the O2 Priority service. This provides discounted prices at certain restaurants and also grants early ticket access for events held at their venues. The O2 custom plans introduced in 2018 allowing users to customize their airtime and device plan is a big hit with users.

O2 was the source of a 24-hour outage across the country in 2012 when one of their network subsystems failed. The company apologized to customers and also offered compensations for the loss of service.

For any issues with services going down or other problems, reach out to the O2 customer support at 8002 from your O2 phone, or at 800-977-7337 from a landline.

Live reports

Twitter beckie_bee

@beckie_bee @O2 hi on Thursday I filled the repair part on line as my phone is broke and I requested a Jiffy bag. Do I need to…

12.07.2020 16:00:32
Twitter ellies_stuff

@ellies_stuff Was just on O2 online chat and got told my email address was incorrect and asked for my bank details. Only wanted h…

12.07.2020 15:54:11
Twitter R_o_o_O2

@R_o_o_O2 @hoseokiebyeol Use it with your friends if you can :(

12.07.2020 15:52:18
Twitter R_o_o_O2

@R_o_o_O2 Joon baby :(

12.07.2020 15:49:50
Twitter yvonnely1

@yvonnely1 @O2 Ok thank you. I will try that.

12.07.2020 15:49:26
Twitter yvonnely1

@yvonnely1 @O2 So I need to click on the email from that phone?

12.07.2020 15:48:01
Twitter ZoeGrist

@ZoeGrist @martynscs91 @O2 @ThreeUK Oooh my whole family are one three! Maybe it’s time to shop around 🤔

12.07.2020 15:45:00
Twitter yvonnely1

@yvonnely1 @O2 Hi, I tried that too but cannot see anything.

12.07.2020 15:36:44
Twitter R_o_o_O2

@R_o_o_O2 Babies comparing them feet :(

12.07.2020 15:35:31
Twitter yvonnely1

@yvonnely1 @O2 i received email to invite me to get 6 months free in Disney+ but when I click on the link in email I get an er…

12.07.2020 15:33:36
Twitter JackJordan95_

@JackJordan95_ @O2 your phone signal is absolutely horrendous.

12.07.2020 15:31:02
Twitter JEMonaghan

@JEMonaghan @O2 hi, trying to use my 3G in Italy and phone is constantly saying no internet? Roaming etc on and 3G sign at the top... any reason why?

12.07.2020 15:30:20
Twitter DanielJ58441117

@DanielJ58441117 @O2, Hi there, The code given doesn't work says it's invalid. What do I do

12.07.2020 15:21:50
Twitter AndrewHornUK

@AndrewHornUK RT @Gnomeponders: @AndrewHornUK @AuntieJean1 @O2 We are both on o2. Fortunately the date was out of sync with our payment dates but had it…

12.07.2020 15:21:15
Twitter jimmy_lockey

@jimmy_lockey @O2 o2 are a joke I have been trying to pay my bill for 2 months and it just cuts me off been into shops to pay my…

12.07.2020 15:20:28
Twitter DanielJ58441117

@DanielJ58441117 Hi the code I have for the disney channel isny working @O2, Hi there,

12.07.2020 15:20:09
Twitter kazp88

@kazp88 @O2 you are charging me for the extra I am meant to get for free and I cannot solve this as you aren’t taking this…

12.07.2020 15:16:39
Twitter taz3677

@taz3677 @O2 Will do x

12.07.2020 15:15:27
Twitter bj_yeo

@bj_yeo @wilfriedzaha Firstly... That is absolutely disgusting and this person needs finding and punished. Next @O2 need to…

12.07.2020 15:10:08
Twitter korytwinks

@korytwinks @O2 Yes it was offered on priority. Yes current subscription through Disney+

12.07.2020 15:05:29
Twitter R_o_o_O2

@R_o_o_O2 The fluffiest look pls he looks like a puppy :( #제이홉 #JHOPE #bts

12.07.2020 15:03:43
Twitter DAZL_Wakefield

@DAZL_Wakefield RT @friends_dorothy: Rainbow up your life and join @Friends_Dorothy’s #SilverPrideUK in partnership with @O2 - a two-day online party in re…

12.07.2020 15:03:31
Twitter taz3677

@taz3677 @O2 Have had 2 close together xx

12.07.2020 15:03:03
Twitter taz3677

@taz3677 @O2 Will do xx

12.07.2020 15:01:30
Twitter taz3677

@taz3677 @O2 feel like this is another spam txt?? Xxx

12.07.2020 14:51:20
Twitter ethicalmarket

@ethicalmarket O2 announces new partnership with sustainable tech provider, Klyk @O2 @helloklyk

12.07.2020 14:45:04
Twitter dtwd9

@dtwd9 @O2 hi, I'm in a contract currently, but I was wondering if I bought the iPhone 11 from apple and put my sim card o…

12.07.2020 14:44:39
Twitter slimzeeUTD

@slimzeeUTD @ThreeUK lol so glad I moved to @O2 not one problem since i joined.

12.07.2020 14:38:52
Twitter odd_really

@odd_really No ideas @O2?

12.07.2020 14:34:47
Twitter R_o_o_O2

@R_o_o_O2 @HopeWorldHobi18 I won't forget you Lili :( but lets stay here for the boys as much as we can

12.07.2020 14:26:58