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About Plusnet

Plusnet plc is a UK-based telecommunications company founded in the year 1997. The company is a quad-play provider offering internet, mobile, IPTV and fixed-line services. Plusnet is a subsidiary of the BT Group since 2007, operating as an independent business under the BT banner. Apart from its quad-play services, Plusnet also manages other businesses such as Metronet, Just The Name and Plusnet Hosting among others.

Plusnet offers ADSL and fiber broadband internet services to both residential and business users, along with fixed-line connections. In 2015, Plusnet tied up with the YouView platform to offer Plusnet TV via Freeview Digital television. Plusnet Mobile is the telephony variant of the company, offering mobile services via an MVNO with Life Mobile.

Plusnet customer support can be reached for queries or service problems on 0800-432-0200 from any UK number. Outages and details of other issues where the service may go down can be viewed on their website at any time.

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Twitter alanmelady

@alanmelady @Plusnet @plusnethelp can you explain why it has been such a shambles for my parents (in their 70s) to move from Vi…

at 02.03.2021 20:19:02
Twitter GoSarahKey

@GoSarahKey @bt_uk Thanks Ash. I'm a @Plusnet customer and have been told that I need to wait until 11 March for BT Open Reach…

at 02.03.2021 20:10:07
Twitter SebOram

@SebOram @ashley_dales @Plusnet @plusnethelp Hey @plusnethelp. No-one puts dales in the corner.

at 02.03.2021 19:29:58
Twitter TELashley

@TELashley Finally after almost a year of complaining to @Plusnet I have the most up to date router and get full signal connec…

at 02.03.2021 19:15:35
Twitter deltabravo07

@deltabravo07 @GtiJazzBlue @SkyUK @Plusnet I’ve been with @Plusnet for a number of years and have found them to be helpful and ef…

at 02.03.2021 18:25:15
Twitter realkennymartin

@realkennymartin @Plusnet keep getting this message on my laptop when I’m downloading mcafee thanks

at 02.03.2021 18:04:18
Twitter DKN_dad

@DKN_dad Switched to Plusnet. Broadband is active but still no router. Ordered 3 weeks ago - @Plusnet what’s going on?

at 02.03.2021 17:52:27
Twitter Supernatfan2

@Supernatfan2 @Plusnet why is my connection not staying connected all day today. I work from home and it has been very very frustrating

at 02.03.2021 17:41:53
Twitter boyceyboy1

@boyceyboy1 @Plusnet woeful service from Plusnet! Switched over from Vodafone and they’ve cut Vodafone off before sending out their router! Annoyed 😠

at 02.03.2021 17:38:32
Twitter messalinahooper

@messalinahooper @Plusnet And how do we improve your prices. How do we react to your fear sales pitch. Front line responders in your…

at 02.03.2021 16:27:32
Twitter messalinahooper

@messalinahooper @Plusnet I thought you were a 'good' Co. Sadly, having queried a bill you've now done my annual review, after 17 mo…

at 02.03.2021 16:25:50
Twitter nowlistentome1

@nowlistentome1 @Plusnet @plusnethelp I need an answer before ordering Plusnet Fibre Broadband. Is the router compatible with a Windows Vista desktop PC?

at 02.03.2021 16:04:18
Twitter annieclarke1974

@annieclarke1974 @Plusnet Do not under any circumstances sign up with these cowboys. I signed up in January but they cancelled it as…

at 02.03.2021 13:29:54
Twitter LauraBlondie

@LauraBlondie @Plusnet Is the internet down in Macclesfield today or is it a problem my side? Had no connection for 2 hrs now.

at 02.03.2021 13:09:52
Twitter LucisAnno

@LucisAnno @GtiJazzBlue @SkyUK @Plusnet Heard good things about @Plusnet but again owned by @bt_uk so not sure if end up in th…

at 02.03.2021 12:08:50
Twitter GtiJazzBlue

@GtiJazzBlue Might be time to switch our phone & broadband from @SkyUK had a comparison quote to switch to @Plusnet & Sky can't…

at 02.03.2021 11:35:04
Twitter GarveyCarmen

@GarveyCarmen @Plusnet Refund confirmed and chased up by Chris and Noor. It arrived today, so thanks very much for your help. M…

at 02.03.2021 11:28:45
Twitter SamuelSloane1

@SamuelSloane1 @Plusnet havent had any internet since early this morning .could you tell me if you have any problems in the swansea area ?

at 02.03.2021 10:31:18
Twitter Anne_Coates1

@Anne_Coates1 @SEMags_ADulwich @Plusnet How frustrating 😡

at 02.03.2021 10:09:42
Twitter SEMags_ADulwich

@SEMags_ADulwich So annoyed with @Plusnet. They managed to take my money in the 10 Feb, but didn’t process my order. Unfortunately I…

at 02.03.2021 09:15:14
Twitter graham_alton

@graham_alton @dretweek @Plusnet I'm sure @plusnethelp would be able to feed that back into their devs for a future update

at 02.03.2021 09:07:30
Twitter dretweek

@dretweek Almost didn't switch to @Plusnet due to their crap password policy. Max length 16 chars? No pasting in the confirmation field? #Backwards

at 02.03.2021 09:05:35
Twitter Quirkers4

@Quirkers4 @Plusnet just wavered my cancellation fee because this year has been hard. I can’t tell you how nice that was. Peop…

at 02.03.2021 08:50:42
Twitter carolinelucy1

@carolinelucy1 What a bunch of cowboys @plusnethelp are. Typical they cut me off 2 days early same as BT is that because they’re p…

at 01.03.2021 21:23:11
Twitter wd0045

@wd0045 @Plusnet Hi, I have lost a few plus net TV channels inc History and other paid for channels.?

at 01.03.2021 21:10:00
Twitter rstarbiscuit

@rstarbiscuit @plusnethelp Still no refund, 12 weeks after we left @plusnet 🙄

at 01.03.2021 18:39:17
Twitter ThinkingBlue

@ThinkingBlue Two months and one new router and still if more than 3 devices are connected the broadband just disconnects devices…

at 01.03.2021 18:15:29
Twitter Warface_UK_1969

@Warface_UK_1969 @Plusnet Hi there. We just had this through the post today. Is this something we'll be able to take advantage of a…

at 01.03.2021 17:16:50
Twitter Jon_86

@Jon_86 @plusnet why are you thriving scum?

at 01.03.2021 17:09:41
Twitter MCY1X

@MCY1X Hey @PlusNet This is happening every day now on any device connected to my #WiFi Can you help please? #PlusNet

at 01.03.2021 15:43:10